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Sally 4th's "Goblin Civil War" miniatures inspired by the Spanish Civil War (!)


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"Goblin Civil War is a set of miniatures rules and a range of figures for fighting 'The Goblin Civil War', a fantasy campaign inspired by the historical events of The Spanish Civil War. 


Even if the miniatures are too genre-specific, take a look at the terrain bundles, from Scotia Grendel. Shown here is the Ruins set.







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Fun minis, even if not my genre. 🙂


As for the terrain stuff, half of those are of interest to me. The other half is too modern. But I don't see a reason to buy these from the KS, when I can just get the stuff I want(in the quantities I want) directly from the Scotia Grendel store. Seems quite cheap, too.


Btw, that tent set isn't from Scotia Grendel, but from Renedra. I don't know why they're not mentioning that. (It's a great set though, but for at least for D&D purposes I would suggest getting the set that includes a multitude of different types of tents, including the two variants of the tent you see pictured.) There are also some stuff I can't find on the Scotia Grendel site, so that makes me wonder if those are from completely different manufacturers as well.

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