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Ral Partha 01-114 Thief (4 of 4) and full set

Rob Dean

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I looked the thread from 2020 where I did the first of this group of four vintage Tom Meier sculpts.  I had forgotten over the intervening two years that I painted him as a nerve-settler on the day before we were all sent home from work for the duration.  My office is still basically on limited office manning, with one day a week for most of us, and yesterday was day 700 of the current emergency. 🙄


However, things were quiet and a bit chilly outside for walking, so I settled in for a speed paint of the fourth thief from the set, the other two having been finished up on Sunday.








As can be seen by Sir Forescale (whose base I should have shimmed somewhat),  these old Ral Partha figures are very petite by modern standards.  I started with this figure primed in white and washed with black previously, but with no other paint on it. This was the result of about 45 minutes of work (not including the basing), and consists of the tanned flesh triad, the olive drab triad (which I will miss now that it is gone), and a couple of brown and gray sample paints I’ve acquired along the way.  As a thief, he is deliberately subdued and non-descript in his attire.


I dug into my sotrage boxes and fished out the first thief from March 2020, so here are all four together:






Just for fun, I also dug out one more figure.  The reason I bought this packet from Ironwind Metals in the first place was that I wanted to have another go at painting the fellow with the tall pointy hat.  I had originally obtained him as a member of a bonus blister pack, the Chaos Wars pressgang, which came with my copy of the rules in 1986 or so.  I wanted to take some inspiration from my original ~1990 paint job, but go a little easier on the monochrome blue:






By then I was at least using Partha acrylics and had learned drybrushing, so I’ve seen a lot worse vintage paint jobs.  These days, at least practice has made me faster. 😁


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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Great picture of scale creep, BTW; he looks like a halfling next to Sir Forscale.

I was thinking the exact same thing.


These look great...your old version of the hat guy looks pretty good, but you can definitely see a skill progression when he's put next to the new one (still not sure I'd wear a hat that ostentatious for subtle thieving work 🙂 ).


Your decision to go with a muted color scheme was a good one...they look like they would blend into a crowd nicely and avoid being seen by the authorities or potential marks 

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