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Who are these Star Wars guys supposed to be?


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Buried deep in my stash I found an old blister of Star Wars Minis by West End Games - specifically the "Aliens of the Galaxy 2".

Right now I'm trying to figure out who they are supposed to represent.


I'm pretty sure the guy on the left is called Tessek. I had him as an action figure when I was a kid and he was the coolest thing ever!

But the other two? I have no idea. I've never seen them in the movies. The devil and E.T.? 🤔


Thanks for your help, maybe the wisdom of this forum can shed a light on their identities?



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You can see the other 2 in the Cantina scene or at least representives of that alien species. The 3rd one gives you a close up of his mug & the other is, I think playing cards or having a beverage. The 2nd one might have appeared in the Special Edition.


Correct on the 1st guy, you can see him, here behind Luke. He is also shown on Jabba's Sail barge later on.



2nd guy:  Gotal


(1st guy on the left)


3rd guy: Dressellians


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      I picked up these 3D prints off Etsy for the amazing price of $8, and they're really good.






    • By Standifer
      Printed this one off a few weeks ago. Was a pretty quick paint up, that might be due to him being mostly black though. Took me longer to get around to the base than anything else. Over all I am pleased with it my only complaint would be the lightsaber, there is just no good way to do one, that and my light effect skills are in need of work. So without further ado the Chosen One (as listed in the STL) AKA Darth Vader.

      And for scale we have a brave but gravely outclassed 28mm Perry miniatures knight volunteering to provide a comparison.

      only one problem…. Now I want to do more Star wars stuff.
      Thanks for looking!
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      Picked up the New Yoda miniature for star wars legions and had to paint him up. Love the sculpt but had to add some floating rocks to the Force using pose. 

      I'd love to hear what people think.
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      And now, the moment you've been waiting for (and by "you've" I mean "I've"): The completion of strawhat's Imperial Assault journey!
      Unfortunately, almost all of my games are still boxed up from the move, so there won't be any story time tonight.  But, truthfully, after nearly a year and a half I am just happy to be at this point.  Although it's a bit bittersweet.  I've been painting Star Wars minis for so long, and they're what got me back into painting!  I've been thinking of starting Legion just so I'll have more Star Wars to paint.
      So, what does Tyrants of Lothal bring to us?
      Two heroes: a "retired" clone trooper, and a Devaronian.

      The Devaronian is a cyborg and a close combat monster.  The clone trooper is a bit trigger-happy.
      And with the name "Lothal" in the title, who else comes along but the rest of Spectre Cell!
      The minis are really a bit all over the place.  Kanan and his padawan/apprentice Ezra are clearly from the later seasons of Rebels, while Sabine mixes elements of her appearance from Seasons 1-3.  I'm not certain where Zeb fits in.


      Kanan and Ezra are pretty straight forward.  Ezra should be wearing green gloves, but I missed the molding on his hands, and I didn't really like that look anyway.  Kanan's visor should be olive as well, but I liked the raw metal look.
      Sabine was, frankly, a nightmare.  Anyone who has watched Rebels knows why...she's definitely the free-spirited artist and her armor and hair show it.  The breastplate has two diagonal stripes on her right side, and a small Rebellion phoenix in the right corner.  One pauldron has a 5 (as she is Spectre 5), the other has a Mandalorian "owl" of some sort.  These actually vary in the show.  In the latter seasons, her pants and shirt are matched grey/black, and her breastplate and pauldrons are different colors with different symbols.  The mini has hair from Season Three, boots from Season One, gun belts from Season One, gauntlets that more closely match Season Two or Three (but not really either of them).
      So, since the mini is all over the place, I just kind of picked and chose what I was doing.  I didn't even attempt all the paint-spatter she has over her gauntlets and greaves.  I also skipped the checker pattern on her right pauldron and just kept the stylized 5.  The left pauldron has the Mandalorian owl design (really just a light blue blob) from later seasons.
      The purple guy is Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, one of the last surviving Lasat (design based on some of the original concept work for Chewbacca).  He shouldn't be quite that dark a shade of purple, though.  I used the Dark Elf Skin triad, and should have modified it by starting with the Dark Elf Skin instead of Dark Elf Shadow.  There should be some darker tiger striping on his arms and legs.  I've got no excuses on that one.  I just forgot.  There also should be a stylized animal face on his left shoulder armor, but I just didn't feel up to it.
      Which brings us to the Scum & Villainy...which are just Loth-cats.  Who aren't really scummy or villainous.


      The Loth-cats in the show generally resemble bobcats or lynxes.  But I decided to have a little fun with it.  I painted a cheetah, a tiger, a black panther, and a generic lion (without a mane, though).  The "Elite" cats are based off our old tortie and calico cat, our current medium-hair, and a Russian Blue (for the fun of it).
      We'll get to the last Scum and Villainy character in a bit.  He lives up to the title as he is both scummy and villainous (typically in an entertaining way, though).
      On to the Empire:

      Not much to say here.  Death Troopers wear shiny black armor, carry shiny black guns, etc.  A nice, thorough drybrush of Adamantium Black helps with the shine and keeps definition.
      Which brings us to the last two characters.  Both villainous, one slightly scummy.

      Admiral Thrawn and Hondo Ohnaka.  Hondo is the scummy one.  A thorn in the side of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars, Ohnaka manages to make a nuisance out of himself on Lothal as well.  I kind of wish it was his Clone Wars costume (the one seen in the Disney Parks, too), though.
      I tried to lighten Thrawn's shade of blue a bit, but didn't quite get it right.  Like Zeb, I should have started a shade lighter.
      But that's it.  That's the last of them.  All 176 (175+1 Additional Dewback) painted to what I hope is an acceptable tabletop (or maybe even a little better) standard.  It's been a journey, thank you for accompanying me!
    • By Othikent
      Once I started painting Star Wars minis it was only a matter of time before I tackled one of the most iconic characters. 

      Again I'd love to hear what you all think.
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