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Skeleton Guardians 77238: (2H Sword), 77239: (Spearman) & 77420: (Sword)

Grumpy Cave Bear

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31 minutes ago, Rat13 said:

These look great, I especially like how you did their eyes. I've got some undead coming up soon in my current project so I just might swing back here for "inspiration". Great job.


Eyes came out surprisingly well.  I glazed 09006 Fire Orange in the sockets, then (with a fine brush and steady hand) barely dotted them with 09671 Golden Glow

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They look really great!  I particularly like the edging on the armor of the two to the left - it really pops and they must look great on the table.  The glowing eyes look amazing as well.
The design on the shield shows up in some rune stones, but despite the fact that some people think it's a religious symbol (they call it a "valknot" or "knot of the battle-slain") no one has any clue what it really means.  It looks great!

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