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Cobalt Keep's "Rotating Paint Handle for Magnetized Wargaming Miniatures!" with Lighting and Magnifying Glass attachments


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I'm actually backing it for the lighting attachment (which you can't 3D print!), and I'm sure some of you use magnifying glasses for painting. Even if you don't use magnets for your bases (I actually have some "Hand of Glory" miniatures that use "hot swappable" arms that use magnetized bits), you can putty the base of a miniature onto a cap. The magnet holds the cap in place, and allows you to rotate it. The handle is bundled with multiple caps, so you can also assembly-line paint your miniatures. (If you run out of caps, just putty or superglue your miniature to a flat magnet or metal disk.) As ever, do your research on paint handles to find the type that works best for your painting.


"The new Painting Hilt Pro has a comfortable, full-grip painting handle design, perfect for extended painting sessions, and features a Rotating Cap that accommodates miniatures on a Magnetized Base. The Painting Hilt Pro also comes equipped to attach a detail light and magnifying glass, making it a great addition to your hobby tool chest. Our factory molds are complete, and we have samples in hand. We are seeking funds for our first order and will place the order as soon as the Kickstarter Campaign is completed."


For US, at $25 for a single set, the creator pays for shipping. This is Cobalt Keep's third KS (technically five, but two were cancelled). and the other projects were also magnetized miniature accessories (display case and magnetic bases) as well.











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Unfortunately, I'm seeing a ton of problems with the design.

  • Everything is too cramped if you use all of the accessories.
  • If you want the right illumination, you'll have to position the lamp right where the magnifying glass is.
  • The magnifying glass itself is not very large and mostly in a fixed position, unable to see under different parts. Or you'll be adjusting it constantly.
  • You *have* to use magnetic bases. I have tons of bases, none can be easily magnetized.

It's somewhat typical of multi-tools. It can do a lot of things, but none of them are very good.

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Good points.


The handle has two separate attachment points. The video shows how the gooseneck bends. 


I'm not magnetizing, either. Although not an elegant solution, you can putty the miniature onto the magnetic caps, and still "hot swap" the caps. If you already have magnets, you can temporarily glue the mini to a magnet to attach it to the handle. Amazon also sells steel discs that can be used as bases.

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