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Underwater foliage? (Help Wanted)

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With all these wonderful swimmy things from Bones 5 I'm finding myself desiring some suitable foliage for bases.


I typically use a few grass tufts on my minis, but that doesn't seem right for aquatic critters.


I have considered getting some of the brightly colored "alien tufts" to add as coral-adjacent things. And I will probably do that.


But I wanted to know what other items and ideas you all had.


I've seen some tall reeds that could be nice for some of the more swampy creatures. I like the height variation. Would love to find other things that stretch up taller than your typical grass tufts.


Hit me with your suggestions!

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For terrain, there is a LOT of aquarium decorations that work very well and don't really have different scales.


Look at the various crafty sections, I'd gotten some bottles of tiny shells, starfish, and similar things that work quite well for the normal Reaper size, just with a bit of paint in order to give them a live look as most lose their colors when dried.


Look at various sea creature sets of the cheap plastic toys, there's a lot of them that include terrain pieces that work well for it.


For the swampy, a good option is to look at some of the cheap paint brushes in hardware store paint areas. I've found several that are in the under $2 range that have what looks like natural hair, you can cut bits off and glue it in place as either reeds or just tall grass. I've, largely, used patches of gel superglue to attach it.


If you want algae, the easiest way to create it is to put a thick layer of polyeurethane gloss, then sprinkle in some of the fine flock of the color(s) you want, while it's still wet, and follow that with a thin layer of gloss over the top.


You can also make lillypads by taking a sheet of printer paper, use a mix of greens to just paint the side of it up, then take a standard hole punch of the kind you find in the school supplies/business stuff, cut a notch out and put it ontop of your water effects and add a little bit of gloss ontop of it.

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I use shrubby tufts from Warpainter Scenics, they are nice and 'weedy' looking and cone in many different hues. 




If you clump them together they look pretty good and they're self adhesive so you can position them however you want.




I also use these from Greenstuff World, they look really different and come in lots of colours




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5 hours ago, dwarvenranger said:

I've used twist ties from garbage bags, trimmed and painted, to simulate kelp. Sorry I'm not near my minis right now to show a picture.

The ones from the grocery section work for that as well.


Though, if you want a real kelp forest feel, it works better to just buy some thin, strong wire and use printer paper over it and glued together around it similar to the twist ties.


A friend of mine just did a few pieces like that for her deep wars stuff for a demo game.

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For corals I use: 

  • Golden Glass Bead Gel + pink. 
    This is just one layer (the gel is able to keep peaks well enough). If I want it higher or to have multiple branches I would build it up in multiple layers or do it over a wire armature.
  • Green Stuff sculpted into shapes.
  • Ikea fake plants cut to size!

For caviar:

  • Golden Glass Bead Gel + transparent orange.
  • Golden Glass Bead Gel + transparent black.
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On 3/11/2022 at 3:57 PM, Brianuk said:

Keep an eye out for the Aldi plastic toy buckets. The underwater one has about 25 plastic plants that paint up nicely. 




I Just did an army blind box buy at a gaming yard sale that had a Bunch of Hadross figures in it and now I have to run to all of the Aldi on the way home after work today cause those are perfect for them.   

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