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Got a hankering to assemble some plastic today and thought I'd make a bit of a project out of it.


Pulled out my set of Rollin Blacks Wild Ones (Plus Miss Fire and Miss Ann Thrope who share their "punk" aesthetic), supposedly one of the harder Malifaux kits to assemble, hopefully I'm up to the challenge!




That's a lot of bits for a few minis...




I managed to completely assemble Iggy Pup.




Made a decent start on Elli Ramone and her mono-wheel.

The big exhausts on the engine on the far right didn't want to fit until I gave them a decent shave down, and the tiny exhausts on the middle engine are a bit wonky because I didn't realise each side was slightly different until it was too late. 




And built the wheels of Rollins motorbike, the back wheel is 3 pieces while the front has 5.


I was getting tired eyes by this point, so I'll do a bit more tomorrow.

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19 hours ago, mousekiller said:

That looks like it is going to be a lot of fun... after you get through the jigsaw puzzle portion!




I really enjoy assembling plastic minis, even somewhat frustrating ones like these, more than painting them. It's a shame you can't buy them with the bits already painted!


Made a bit more progress today:-




Cherri Bomb is fully assembled.




Elli Ramone is sort of done as well.

Her mono-wheel did not fit together well at all, and is somewhat warped and gappy. Not sure my Greenstuffing skills are up to fixing that big gap at the top, but I'll try.




Got all the bits of Rollins bike assembled and made a start on the man himself.

Broke the little exhaust stack for the engine (It's connection on the sprue was ridiculously thick), but I managed to salvage one to fill in the hole.




Made a start on Patti Ramones mono-wheel.

It's a bit warped again, so there's very little contact between the wheel and the engine, so I'm letting the glue set overnight before I touch it.

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Getting there slowly...




Built Miss Ann Thrope.

This one came with head and arm options, and I though mo-hawk/bowler/bat was the best combination.




Got both mounted and dismounted Rollins done.

Dismounted went together fine but mounted has issues, despite being assembled correctly his feet are a good centimetre away from the foot rests (a reoccurring problem with the kit) and the front wheel is very flimsy.




Patti is almost finished.

There's a couple of pieces that I need to attach underneath her seat, but they're not actually big enough to fit, so I've got to give it some thought (And once again the feet are nowhere near where they should be).




I've also built Miss Fires Penny Farthing.

But it's an incredibly flimsy collection of tiny plastic parts held together by positive thinking, so I've yet to start on Miss Fire herself.


Taking a little break to work on some other stuff, then I can hopefully get these fully built and start painting.


I don't think I'll pick any more limited edition Malifaux stuff in future though, the regular kits have their issues, but these special ones seem particularly poorly designed.

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