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77108: Shadow Dragon

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I haven't done a WIP in quite a while, and I want to keep committed to clearing my Shelf of Shame for the year.  So here's an unfinished mini from my shelf:  Reaper 77108: Shadow Dragon:



I had assembled & primed this mini before, but hadn't painted it, so it sat on my shelf for a while.  So two nights ago, I washed it, sprayed Stynylrez black primer over it, then sprayed a base coat of Burgundy Wine. 


...and that's where it stands.  Hopefully, I have an opportunity for more work tonight.


I don't have any ideas at present for what the color scheme will be, save that I want it to be purple.

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I have not gotten back to this for a bit.  A project for the daughter's birthday took precedence.

But I did get some work done:  The rocks of the integrated base, and at least a base color on the underbelly, horns and spines:




Still very rough, but so far I'm liking it more than I thought I would.  Wait until those are properly highlighted

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6 hours ago, Grumpy Cave Bear said:

It’s a bit of poster tack; it’s to keep the paint from rubbing off when I bump it against the desk.  (Which I do often.)


Interesting tip, thanks.


Great work so far, nice to see it go from "black" to it's current state. It's inspirational. 

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The tops of the wings are (mostly) done.


I painted the right wing with a #2 brush, and was fairly pleased with the blending.  But then I switched to a #3 brush for the left, and wetted it with (diluted) drying retarder, and wet-blending went much easier.  The results put the earlier work to shame.  I gotta touch up the right again!


Colors used:

MSP Red Shadow

MSP Mahogany Brown

MSP HD Rusty Red (discontinued)

MSP Lava Orange

MSP Saffron Sunset (mixed w/Lava Orange)

Edited by Grumpy Cave Bear
Cropped photo better
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I finally got some time to work on this shadow dragon again…




I worked on the face, then added teeth and claws.  I also finished the fins on the spine running down its back.

There’s only one painting step to go, which is the gold highlights.  I’m hesitant as always about painting NMM, and doubly so this time, because it’s really going to change the final look of the mini. 

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