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Armored Trio (Skara, Female Skoli/Hellborn; Anduriel, Elf Warrior; Half-Elf Paladin Valkyrie, Mara)


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I've been doing a lot of painting over the last few months but very little posting.  I'll probably do some image dumps at some point, I do like searching for other people's versions of the minis and I'm sure others would like to see mine.

Anyway, when I went through my collection of painted minis appropriate for PCs, I saw very few armored women.  I did two from Bones III, and Anduriel from a Lean-to-Paint kit - he's almost certainly supposed to be male but honestly you put a person in that much armor and they're pretty androgynous.  🙂
I did some minor modifications to Skara - if you're wearing armor no-one should ever see your cleavage (you keep your heart there!) and I suppose she may have been wearing a dress, but she had *&^! spaulders so I sculpted her a breastplate and gave her more-or-less-full armor.  She was wearing an elbow cop on her sword arm, but not her other, so I gave her one.  I also added a few more thigh plates to cover up a bare leg.  Not terrible, though a bit rough - I should probably have built the breastplate out more to make it look more angular.  Sculpting is hard!  As far as painting goes, I gave her a fairly normal skin-tone but blue hair.  I'm quite pleased with how the hair looks.


Amusingly enough, when I started painting Mara I thought she had an angel on her shield.  I guess not. 🙂



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10 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

Great job on the "skirts"...love the layering. Nice work highlighting the armor, too.

Thanks!  On Mara I went with purple, but I still had some light blue on the palette so I figured I'd try a little highlighting in a similar color.  I like the look, it kind of gives it a silk-like sheen.

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