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SPACEFUTURE: Shaggy Monocs from Khurasan


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More 15-mm goodness, this time 15mm in size. These are just little guys! I couldn't resist the singular eye and writhing tentacles.

I haven't decided yet what role they should play, but they are very alien aliens.








More angles of the three:












I feel like they have some kinship with the three-eyed ASSIMILATOR from Antediluvian, though, and wanted a color scheme to suggest it.



They are probably, like my other cycloptic aliens, remote phylogenetic relatives of the Illyrians.



Just weird little guys! 

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Thanks, all! Glad you like the pulpy color scheme. 

I think I've found a job for them; they're the sort that would come in peace asking to see our leaders and be utterly perplexed and unimpressed upon introduction to government figures. No, they want our leaders. It takes some trial and error to figure out how their communication syntax and goals work (see Connie Willis's "All Seated On The Ground") but turns out they're here to talk to the Pando grove or the Oregon Armillaria fungus or termite colonies (see Come and Go Mad) or something the like. Tap into the mycosphere or something. 

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