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Monet Tribe of Elves! + more elves have arrived!

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On 8/18/2022 at 3:06 AM, Glitterwolf said:

I like the first one with the railing better.

I liked the wooden version better - but once I covered it in clay it seemed to bulky.  and the bare wood structure was wrong for the painitng. 
also the angle is too steep, the  elves are would balance precariously on it with out lot of issues.
Next ill try a cardboard bridge shape - but I don't know how to do railing s that will look good, or survive transit. 



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It was also suggested, that if I got the front curve and railing of the bridge right, I just use horizontal planforms behind it for the minis - 
this sounds like a great hack, but I'm not sure it is easier to implement.   If I cant get the figures to stand correctly on the curve I will consider it as an alternate. 
I also arranged for some friends to drive it down so I don't need to worry about it falling apart  in my airplane luggage. 

In the D&D game the party is finally leaving the tribe. 
They killed the wererat that started the whole thin then revivified him back to life to answer questions. 
He is going to get off with banishment for his crimes, because no no one will cross his mother (the weaver of cloaks) 
His main crime (besides trying to start an apocalypse)  was murdering /decapitating a PC.  - which was done OOC on the players last session before moving to the UK. 

The town is no longer safe for the PCs to stay in, in case the Weaver finds vengeance too tempting. 
but they leave with friends, lovers, the grave of a PC, and an enemy behind.  They spent 3 out of 8 game (monthly) sessions interacting with the tribe.  its been a blast. 



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This is what Im including with my entry

This elven tribe has featured heavily in my D&D campaign.  All the cloaks are based on Monet’s impressionist paintings.  Their names, when their cloaks were painted and campaign details,  from left to right. 


Keleris Shostrii - (golden water lilly pond 1917) 

Ex-boyfriend, neglectful father of Raine the Rat (PC) & Scaven (villian).


Lyanna Timothena (Water lilies 1916)   - 

Weaver of water llily cloaks, powerful fey warlock, mother of Scaven. Carrying a grudge about the murder, quick resurrection, and capture of her son. 


Venturis Waescan - (Japanese footbridge and waterlillies 1899)

Tribe’s drunken layabout but “The Elven Wine Merchant” to the shadowguild of the Imperial city. 


Ilbryen Torwenys- (Weeping willow 1920)
The tribe’s youngest hunter, recently fallen for Dannistra the drow (PC) from the Imperial city.  


Maglyen Zintrii (Water lilies 1906)

The tribe’s lead singer, and a hunter.  He pines after Lyanna, but she has no interest in him.


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Year ly benchmark time!

and what else could I do but another elf

this one is getting a decent amount of time - this may be 5 hrs of work so far and I’m still not satisfied - the front painting and non-cloak details I’m good with the rear cloak


narrow black lining 




light source direction 




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