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Wizard, Human, No Beard

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Like just a beardless human that looks like a spellcaster? Or does he need explicit wizardy features like the wide-brimmed conical hat as well?

Reaper's got a few generalized human spellcasters sans beards:

Anirion, Elf Wizard (it says elf but his hood covers his ears so he'd work as a human as well, I've seen people paint him up as Raistlin!)

Human Wizard, Alec

Elf Warlock, Satheras (same deal as Anirion)

Human Wizard, Khalib

Human Cleric, Velmarius

Human Wizard, Karahl

Human Wizard, Iltheus

Human Wizard, Marcus

Human Sorcerer, Elquin

Half-Elf Monk, The Raven (same deal as Anirion and Satheras)


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Drake, human wizard


Ellus Mann





Among others. Always did like Itheus, Tre Manor sculpt & he kinda looks like Roger Daltry of the Who. :poke:

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