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1 hour ago, Rigel said:

Very evocative! Excellent work--and I'd be interested to hear if or when you do remember who makes those dynamic tentacles.

I bought them from Valiant. I was looking for a proper tinker gnome (same project... 😁) and ran across them. They were thin enough that I could bunch them up on the base and also had the spikes that the wyndlass is usually depicted as having.


I'm away from my books till Tuesday but I'll post the pic he was based on when I can.



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53 minutes ago, Uglylilpup said:

Excellent!  Have you typed up this checklist somewhere?

It's on my computer. I can post the whole list, but I'm traveling so that will have to wait till tomorrow.


There are north of 110 entries, but it's a bit inflated by things like moose and five different entries for dragonspawn. I've still got to add entries from the SAGA Bestiary and different adventure modules, though, like Melmanas the undead whale.

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Figured I'd dig out the source images on this thing. One is from the Bestiary of Krynn, the other from the 2nd Ed. Dragonlance Monstrous Compendium.



On 3/21/2022 at 5:26 AM, Uglylilpup said:

Excellent!  Have you typed up this checklist somewhere?

Here's the list. Anything with an asterisk I've got (several others I've basically got, but I'm working on more solid examples). Since I added more entries my completion rate is about 29%. I haven't gone through all 3.5 sourcebooks or 2nd ed adventures quite yet. The SAGA Bestiary has more, but a lot of the missing entries are for more standard D&D creatures like spotted lions and hell hounds.


Anemone, Giant

Avian, Austrich

Avian, Emre

Avian, Kingfisher

Avian, Skyfisher

Avian, ‘wari

*Bear, Ice

*Beast, Undead, Ankholian

Beast, Undead, Stahnk

Beast, Undead, Gholor

Black Willow


Centaur, Abanasinian

Centaur, Crystalmir

Centaur, Endscape

Centaur, Wendle

Chaos Wretch, Carrion

Chaos Wretch, Cedar

Chaos Wretch, Sand

Child of the Sea

Child of the Sea, Accantus

Daemon Warrior

Dark Thrall of Onysablet

Demon, Malrauthin


Disir, Queen

Disir, Tyin

Draconian (proto), Sesk

Draconian (proto), Traag

*Draconian, Aurak

*Draconian, Baaz

*Draconian, Bozak

*Draconian, Kapak

*Draconian, Sivak

Draconian, Noble, Flame

Draconian, Noble, Frost

Draconian, Noble, Lightning

Draconian, Noble, Vapor

*Draconian, Noble, Venom

*Dragon, Black

*Dragon, Blue

*Dragon, Brass

*Dragon, Bronze

*Dragon, Copper

Dragon, Gold

*Dragon, Green

*Dragon, Red

*Dragon, Silver

*Dragon, White

*Dragon, Amphi

Dragon, Aquatic

Dragon, Astral

Dragon, Brine

*Dragon, Flame

*Dragon, Frost

Dragon, Kodragon

*Dragon, Sea

Dragon Vassal

Dragonspawn, Black

Dragonspawn, Blue

Dragonspawn, Green

Dragonspawn, Red

*Dragonspawn, White

Dragonspawn, Abomination



Dwarf, Daergar

Dwarf, Gully

Dwarf, Hill (Neidar)

Dwarf, Mountain (Hylar)

Dwarf, Theiwar

Dwarf, Zakhar

Elf, High – Qualinesti

Elf, High – Silvanesti

*Elf, Wild – Kagonesti

*Elf, Half

Elf, Sea – Dargonesti

Elf, Sea – Dimernesti

Elf, Sea – Mahkwab





Forest Master


Giant, Desolation

Giant, Half-Giant

*Gnome, Tinker (Minoi)

Goblin, Cave Lord

Gurik Cha’ahl

Hatori, Greater

Hatori, Lesser

Haunt, Knight



Imp, Blood Sea

Insect Swarm, Grasshoppers

Insect Swarm, Locusts

Insect Swarm, Velvet Ants

Kalothagh (Prickleback)

Kani Doll


Knight, Death


*Lizard Man, Bakali

Lizard Man, Jarak-sinn



*Man (of Krynn), Ice Folk

*Man (of Krynn), Knight of Solamnia

Man (of Krynn), Plainsman

Man (of Krynn), Rebels

Minion, Air

Minion, Earth

*Minion, Fire

Minion, Water

*Minotaur, Blood Sea

Mundane Animal, Deer

Mundane Animal, Elk

Mundane Animal, Moose


Ogre, Orughi

Ogre, High (Irda)

*Ogre, Titan





Sacred Guardian

Shadow Wight

Shadow Wight (Frost Wight)






*Spectral Minion

Spider (of Krynn), Giant Trap Door

*Spider (of Krynn), Whisper

Stag, Giant

Stag, White

Stag, Wild

Swarm, Turbidus Leech




*Thanoi (Walrus Man)

Troll, Mewling


Urkhan Worm

*Warrior, Skeleton




*Yeti-kin, Saqualaminoi



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