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Biker boxed set for Project Z. Turns out the client was missing some sprues when he sent me these, and I was wondering why the box said you could build eight figures yet I only had six torsos?!  Was also missing the foot bases, so I used Reaper ones instead.  The sculptor want a little heavy on the cheesecake factor for the ladies.  I can't imagine trying to ride a motorcycle in a thong!  😲  I'm now working on the "boss" biker with the gatling gun on the handlebars and another biker with a passenger toting a bazooka.. Painted to tabletop/demo standard.  Primarily painted with Pro Acryl except Vallejo for the metallics and Reaper for the flesh.







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7 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

The shine on those bikes is great! These look good to me, especially for tabletop standard.


The colored parts on the bikes were undercoated with metallics (gold for the red, silver for the blue) and then painted with Pro Acryl Transparents.  The brown leather bags were just zenithal primed and then that's a mix of brown/black/ white transparent paints 2/1/1 over it with no additional touch-ups.

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1 hour ago, Grand Slam said:

Cool... thanks for sharing the technique.


No problem.  I was pretty happy with how it worked out. You can't see it in these shots, but the tail lights & turn indicators were done the same way, only the base coat was Vallejo Chrome, overpainted with either Transparent Red or Orange.  Worked really well.

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