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Air Elemental Scion


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8 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Great paint job.  It’s a little odd that his skirt scales go up not down.  Never noticed that about the sculpt before.

Thank you!


Yes, the scales threw me and I wasn't sure what to do with them. So I just chose a color and went with it!

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22 hours ago, AlonTey said:

You've done it again, absolutely stunning.  Can't wait to see your take on the earth scion.


Do you have any tips for getting for the skintone?  My highlights tend to accidentally take everyone a bit too Caucasian.

Thank you! I painted the earth scion. Maybe I didn't post photos here.

For skintone, if you are having trouble with darker skin turning out too light, make sure you are choosing darker, richer colors for the skin. After highlighting, I go back with either my midtone or my first shadow color and glaze over the whole skin. It really helps smooth the blends and ties all of your skin colors together. Do a light glaze so you don't totally kill your highlights or muddy it up. You can always glaze more if needed.

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