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aducknamedjoe's "Resin 3D Printing for Wargames" beginner's advice

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Obviously applicable for other miniatures as well. Interesting point about the last two criteria.


"I decided to go with an Elegoo Mars 2, which cost me about $200. ... Several factors influenced my decision, including price, print quality, customer service, and community around the printer."



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Great guide, thanks for sharing!


A little tip, you can substitute IPA with methylated Alcohol.

Way cheaper and works just as well.


I have changed the FEP on my Elegoo Mars a few times now.

I suspect it won't be too long before I will also need to replace the LCD screen.

Maybe these subjects would be useful to include in your guide?


I think your guide will help a lot of people and not just beginners.




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A good read. I also choose Elegoo over Anycubic and Phrozen after reading various feedback about the build quality and customer service of the 3 companies (but I went with the Mars 3).


Similarly, I ordered mine through Amazon, just in case there was something wrong with the machine upon arrival or within the warranty period. So far nothing has gone wrong with my printer, but if it had, I know I would have had a much easier time in dealing with a big corporation that is legally based in my country than a small company based overseas.

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