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3D Printed Skyrim Dragon Priest mask Otar

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For Christmas this last year, my wife got me a 3D printed Dragon Priest mask from Skyrim off of Etsy, knowing that Skyrim was one of my favorite games of all time (if not #1). It came unpainted, so gray plastic, and I told her I was going to paint it like the Otar mask, which if I remember correctly was a malachite item (malachite being a weird, magical smithing material from the game). Anyhow, while I didn't get it as close as I would have liked, I like how it turned out and figured I'd share 🙂 When we move in the next couple of months, this will grace the wall of my work from home area next to the huge signed poster from the Presidents of the United States of America LOL




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37 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:




So, have your Shock, Fire and Frost Resistance increased while wearing it?



I haven't found any malachite to upgrade it yet, so it's only like 5% increase 😄

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A good friend I showed it to recommended that when I put it on a wall to display it, I need to put some green LED lights behind it so that it glows from the eyes/mouth and from around it. Since the Otar mask sort of glows green, I definitely need to do that 😄

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