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Mr. Bones plays Blood Bowl

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I've been playing Blood Bowl for a few decades now. During the "dark times" I got used to making new Blood Bowl teams out of other miniatures.

Anyway, here is my Tomb Kings team. Most of them are converted from Mr. Bones. The Tomb Guardians themselves are made from some Bones wraith miniatures and the Jack-o-lantern pack.






Linemen Skeletons played by Mr. Bones





Mr Bones as two blitzers (designated by their paldrons)




Mr. Bones as two throwers






The Pumpkin Kings are the real stars.





And this one is for when I want to hire a werewolf star player to join in on the action.

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Splendid conversions and color schemes! 
Sidebar: I never got into Blood Bowl myself but back when I was getting started painting there was a blogger (LaughingFerret, I think? currently inactive) who would paint up some marvelously-themed teams. Had a big influence on the stuff I like and the themes and factions I try to make.

Love those Pumpkin Kings! Were those top two made from the whip-using Hellknights? 

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