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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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32 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

Any ID on what those second two are supposed to be? 

Tophet! (See Pathfinder v 1 Bestiary 3) These are large constructs who can eat player characters alive, holding them inside their firey bellies. The PC is then locked inside the construct as its maw slams shut. It originally appears in the "Legacy of Fire" Adventure Path. 


I am so happy to see these guys! There are not enough constructs in the Reaper line. These ones look Egyptian, too, which is perfect for my Sandgrave games which desperately need something other than clay and stone golems. 


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Furnace Golems also popped up in Tome of Horrors:


The aforementioned Pathfinder Tophet:


Pathfinder Forgefiends:


Mchimba the Embalmer, a boss from World of Warcraft, also comes to mind.  A golem built for processing the dead during a blood plague, who would either drain fluids or burn corpses based on level of infection:


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...huh.  Well, safe to say I've well and truly bounced off the Hakir expansion.  Will probably pick the scorpions and croc up at retail, terrain is pretty neat but everything else hasn't landed with me.

All hail the slug.  And crayfish.  And ants. 

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