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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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5 hours ago, MoonglowMinis said:

Delighted that we'll be getting more skeletal hounds to go with the houndmaster in core.  I don't mind them spreading out similar concepts through multiple sets.  It's a little tricky, but i respect that it might be the straw that makes people cave and get one they were on the fence about.  Though I was anticipating spending a lot on this one anyways.


It worked for me, at least, in that Kickstarter with the prehistoric expansion - there were dinos scattered out into a couple add-ons and a Fan Favorite set, and I think I got everything but the war mammoth.  I don't have the funds to do that for everything that comes along, but I certainly don't mind if it's in a set I'd get anyway (core set or fan favorite set, for example), and if it's a really good item in an encounter or add-on, then I might go out of my way to make room for it somehow.  It could well be the sort of thing that might pull me off the fence for a set I wouldn't be inclined to get otherwise, though Reaper hasn't done that to me yet.


And yeah, it's my understanding that...

 - Bones USA is only really good for small runs of small items - human-sized figures, for example.

 - Bones Black is only well-suited for smaller subjects like human-sized figures as well, but works well for large runs of minis.

 - Various Bones Classic formulae are good for translucent minis, large minis like dragons, terrain, harder plastic subjects like thin, flat walls....


I don't know if they can theoretically do larger minis in Bones Black, but it's my understanding that the large stuff to this point has been done in Bones Classic, and that the smaller stuff isn't usually being done in Bones Classic anymore, other than the translucent stuff.


Then again, I don't pay that close attention to it.  I'm sure that someone, somewhere has a detailed list of what the exceptions are, and/or what the rules I haven't heard of are.



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Bones black minis can also be translucent…

Just look at the phase cat from Bones 4.


Reaper has shown a Bones USA mould of an ogre. That’s approximately the largest size they can do in Bones USA. (It has to do with the fact the mould templates for the machine are less than 2.5” thick.) In theory a model could be larger, so long as it was multi-part, and no one part’s thickness was larger than ~2”.

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I like that the dwarves have some interesting head dresses, but I'm so over saturated on dwarves right now that I don't really care much about them. We got a whole bunch in Bones 5 too. At least they could've made these women, that would actually have made me consider the Core Set a bit more.


The anniversary dragon looks pretty damn awesome. I love that it's the size that it is. And that they fixed those wings, because it looked really weird without that propatagium. (I didn't know that word either, or realize that was even a thing, until someone else here called it - yet I still thought that part of the wing looked weird. Good anatomical design is important!)


The Death Knight looks cool enough. I do like that they have a mounted and non mounted version of him. And I expect he'll be Bones USA, as the SiOCast is perfect for things like this. (It's a KS exclusive mini, so no reason for expensive moulds!)


Yesterday was the best day since day 3 of this KS, with $40k! Again underlining that showing some huge dragons is really good for the campaign!


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On 4/23/2022 at 12:09 AM, corbie said:

I legit didn't realize the Bones 5 dragons were Bones Classic. They're very sturdy and detailed.

Their continued use of the term "classic" feels confusing. It is definitely reformulated than the first generation of Bones but I guess its more similar to the B1 material than it is to Bones Black. 


So any modern castings in "classic bones" can safely be assumed to be quality. The days of the super bendy bones seem past. 

On 4/23/2022 at 4:29 AM, DragonWyrm said:


Someone already did a breakdown of all the female characters but it was deleted for continuing the topic.


Not to belabor the point for fear of deletion myself, but even while including animals and statues, your list doesn't even scratch a 5th of the total minis included. And that's the issue.




What are our bets for today? Yesterday had some great movement! I feel we'll see a little weekend slowdown but I think we'll easily hit Briarwood and maybe about halfway to the Hellborns. Somewhere around 175k maybe. 

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