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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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9 hours ago, Cyradis said:


I do wonder if some of this is changing KS goals for Reaper.


We love the big dragons and "wow!" monsters during the Kickstarter, but I'd suspect that Reaper makes more money off the bread and butter basics. A bunch of different dragon molds don't do them any good if they can't have a regular flow of sales at retail price later.


I get your point; I'm there too. I don't need more of the basics even if they are good sculpts. But while we don't need them, there may be a bunch of people who have a village of bugbears to populate.


I find this a very coherent argument and matches an old line from a reaper employee -  back around KS 3 - "the big figures are fun , but the (Bones 1) goblins paid my mortgage"  
(this is probably paraphrased) 

I'll quit advocating so hard for dragons.  they are cool,  but reaper has a lot of sculpts on hand.  and the last KS went really hard on them (i bought 5 of 8+ huge dragons. 
I didn't get the core this time (like bones 4) but I went in with the idea I didn't need it.  By the time Bones 7 comes, i will probably want another core set.   

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30 minutes ago, ttuckerman said:

I'm the outlier, this will be my sixth core set.



This will be the first of the 6 that I probably don't get.  Just not enough in there that I can see having a use for to justify it to me  😕



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26 minutes ago, Great Khan Artist said:

I finally found the answer as to why the kickstarter isn't doing as well as the last one. No Mr. Bones! It seems having no rendition of the little guy in the lineup this time has evoked his curse from beyond the mould.  

He wasn’t in Bones 5 either.

Neither was Sophie.

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My big problem is everything I want is at the end, but far enough away that not much hope of unlocking through kickstarter.

There isn't enough stuff already unlocked or close that I want to pledge extra and be happy with if the stuff I want more never unlocks, which is the big difference this year and past. So I can't justify extra now and either have to ask for a refund or worry about reducing at the last minute.

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Goblins and basic monsters may pay the rent for Reaper, but they aren't pushing this KS project very fast. 


I miss having a new Sophie, too. 


Wish there was a bit more to the Phoenix Egg set, another PC, or another small bit of table scatter.  Or it tied in with Hakir more.  Probably get it anyway. 



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36 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

Less than $1000 away from the Phoenix Egg! 



Phoenix egg is unlocked! Eggcellent....


..I'll see myself out.

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I can't spell when I'm excited
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For an enthusiasm thread, there sure is a lot of whining and complaining in here. Now, I get it, not everyone is going to love every single figure on offer here. That's ok, everyone has different tastes or wants or needs. I don't care one way or the other about chibis, but I'm not gonna complain that they're making some just because they made some last time. Somebody likes those things, and they're happy to see them. Let them be happy. Sure, you can say you don't like them if you really need to, it's a free country. Maybe only say it ONCE, though? I've lurked (as a guest) through this entire thread, and there's a dozen people or so that have felt the need to repeat their displeasure in EVERY.SINGLE.POST. they make. " I don't like orcs. I don't want more dwarfs. I don't need more gnolls, I've already got more then I need now. I don't want more generic mooks, I want something NEW." That's nice. You've expressed your negative opinion, which you're allowed to do, could you stop now, please? It's really too bad that they didn't talk to you first before starting this project, I'm sure it would be doing so much better if they had. :rolleyes:  Maybe you being so down on everything drove people away.


This is my first Reaper KS, and more than once, I came here to make an account to talk about the cool new thing that I just saw on the project page, but when I get here there's a bunch of people trash talking it. It made me feel kinda dumb, and like I wouldn't be welcome in the conversation, so I never did.


Well, I'm not going to let some spoiled, whiny broccoliers make me feel bad. I'm excited by what I'm seeing, and I can't wait for it to get to me. Sorry if this makes you mad.

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