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33 minutes ago, Lidless Eye said:

I know they're setting up the party and such, but I'm surprised they didn't set up a dedicated person for updates.  It may be hurting that the 30th Anniversary Dragon is still gone from the main page.

One might comment that they really seem to be phoning it in, but that might be too negative for some with delicate sensibilities…

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It's a good update. People might have been cautious about pledging for expansions who are very far from completion. And I'm hopeful we'll might see some more options and encounters. Stirges and that female Giant are notable absences for me.

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If you want to give Reaper money  the disappointment when you find you have less reason to than you hoped can come out in different ways. I don't see it as whining and complaining. And as long as there's no meanness then it can be useful. Ultimately it isn't helpful to call out and can come across as pretty insulting.

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We understand that emotions run high during kickstarters and everyone wants their voices heard whether their feedback leans more toward the positive or the negative. 

All that we ask is that everyone please keep it civil, there's no need for anyone to feel insulted or called out. 


I'm glad to see people excited and everyone who is should feel free to share that excitement. I'm sorry that some people are disappointed but as long as you're civil and adhere to the rules of the forum, your feedback is also welcome.



The Bones 6 Kickstarter Party is going live on twitch at 12pm central (ish, y'all know Reaper Time works 😜 ), that's about half an hour from when I'm posting this. Please feel free to come hang out with us! (ETA: technically it's live now - we're in countdown mode!)


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I'm at $566.


Just waiting to see what else Reaper may try and tempt me with!


I'm really glad that I've been following this KS on here - it's pretty hard to tell what's going on on the KS page. I only knew about some of the unlocks from this thread!


Granted, that would have meant a pleasant surprise when I found extra minis in the box, and more things than expected when I went to the pledge manager,  but I hope it doesn't prevent others from buying in before the KS closes.

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I'm kind of impressed with Reaper's willingness to continue to tweak the KS as it's winding down. Combining those stretch goals is awesome for us customers, and it means I may actually end up pledging for the Denizens after all.


I mean, the more I look at the sculpts, the more I'm drawn in. And there really ARE several things in there I don't have. (Like that brilliant flumph.)


I don't know. I have spent so much money on retail prices... And these are markedly lower. It's like... can I afford to keep saving? Lol

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3 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

have we seen a turn around of the newts? Do they have tails?

i'd love it more if they had tails

They have tails, but most of them are wrapped around a leg. I imagine this is to facilitate the mold/assembly process. 

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