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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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Just now, Magnus Brickson said:

Nice pics, thanks for sharing!


Where are the porcs?


They were teased way early and visible in ChaosWolf's pics.

Gotta get to more Legendary Tales encounter sets. Sure seems those are in the Feast of the Slaughterwaulers one that Reaper Jon mentioned. 

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Hour and a half to go.  Shame that we didn't manage to get through more but, y'know, good for the wallet I suppose.

My Bones VI MVPs?  All the giant (insert animal here), the radness that is shimmerscale, the anniversary dragon and ...once we get a render...the light house.

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Dollars are still adding up.  Weibe is talking about the lighthouse. Says he will do it according to the artwork and he believes it will be square.  The walrus will be separate. But he doesn't have details yet, he has to talk with Ron and Ed and work things out first. 



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51 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Here's a few more:






There they are! I need to know what I need to pledge to get this person as the bouncer at the green griffin! 

Also thank you to everyone who answered my question, you all are wonderful people!

Also Storm Giant hinted at during the stream

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