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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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As we reach the end, I really feel like Reaper would've been better off explicitly making this a campaign for Bones USA or Bones Black - replacing basic sculpts for common monsters, some of which have been around since the early bendy low-fidelity bones material - with a newer sturdy material. I think a lot of us were just a bit bewildered and unsure of the direction of this one, even if what's on display isn't bad at all! I think more focus would have done it well.


That could've spoken to novice DMs more than it did now - although there hasn't really been a lack of 'arsenal of monsters for novice DMs!' Kickstarters around. Maybe that's also just made it feel a bit weird. In the long run it's more important for Reaper to have a healthy amount of gnolls, and orcs, and goblins in their catalog that'll be readily available, the kind of thing that'll make a DM come to your actual web store to buy it. Which may be why so many said "i'll wait for retail" - it's where some of these certainly will perform better.

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17 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

What’s a bonesnapper? I don’t recognize the reference.


Bonesnappers are old school mini T. rex that first appeared back in the Fiend Folio and appeared in Against the Cult of the Reptile God.  I ended up subbing mine for…something or another but next time around I’ll be prepared!



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All said, I think this was a good KS.  Maybe not as glorious as the last few.  But the core ended up filled with some pretty cool sculpts, we got a few highly-anticipated expansions, and some great revisions of older sculpts.

I'm going to hold out hope that we see some of the teased but not officially revealed items as "power-ups."  I can't imagine they'll want to sit on those sculpts they paid for for another 4ish years until B7 delivers.

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8 minutes ago, Inarah said:

And it closed at  $1,837,825.  That's a bit short of the 1845,000 for the storm goddess, but i think we'll get her anyway. 





Reaper is showing the Storm Goddess and the Goblin Encounter as unlocked on the Kickstarter page:





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33 minutes ago, bearsman6 said:

That triple barbarian unlock looks so good. Reaper is very good to their customers.


Nice way to get backers, but if you've been around Reaper, who knew they'd offer all 3 either KS or in the PM.


Like allot of people, the mood of the KS was a bit mixed for me. Loved majority of the new stuff, but allot of the offerings were just "Bones-fied" versions of metal minis that I've acquired when they were offered by Reaper. I think most of my cash in the PM will go to things I really don't want to wait for retail.


Enjoy the success of the KS, Reaper. Now about that Base Boss KS.......:poke:


Only 2 not-stirges? Hopefully those will be released by themselves later, even if it's just the 2 per package.

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