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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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9 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 Yes. Yes, you do.  ::D:


(At the very least, I'd pick up a lighthouse just to have one, since it's a KS exclusive, even if you never get around to painting it...)



Yep, that's why it's on the list (Plus it looks snazzy!)

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Well, that's the first round of selections (paint, Sullenhall, newts, gnolls, and owlbears).


Another set is waiting (lighthouse, and phoenix) that are strong possibilities but will depend more on outside factors.  It's really tough for me to figure out where I'm going after that, though.

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12 minutes ago, DragonWyrm said:

I am. a little sad we didn't get a big Phoenix. To go with the phoenix egg. 

Currently ordered:
- Briarwood

- Sullenhall
- 30th anniversary dragon. 


Currently deciding about:
- Hakir vs Dungeons vs bee lancers + Lighthouse
- + wolves. 



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I went in on basically everything I thought I would (Core, Fey, Denizens, Chaarondar, Anni, Lizardmen, Phoenix set), but now that we're in another month or so... I may end up getting more.


The value is there. And don't I need those hellborn heroes? Don't I need those gruff and cuddly bugbears? What's not to like from the gnolls?


What's really blowing my mind is that I'm very back and forth on the giantess all of a sudden. Who knows what next paycheck may bring?

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So ive added Charandaar the Cruel to my bought column.  I think next paycheck ill hit the big ticket item (Shadows of Sullenhall) then i can do the rest like the paints and what not a little slower.



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Is there a text list of what's all available in the Kickstarter out there? I like to delete what I don't want out of these Kickstarters, as it makes me easier to see what I really want out of them.


I'm deciding what I wanna spend my initial funds on right now. Harder then I thought it would be.



Initial funds spent - 

Core Set (there was enough in it, barely)

Briarwood Vale (thou too bad we'll be done with, or at least hope we'll be done with Wild Beyond the Witchlight by the time this ships, Still probably the best of the expansions this time around)


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First power up is in the pledge manager. 


This Power-Up contains:
Parapet/Wall pieces
Shield Bits (4)
Guards (2)
The Tower shown is NOT included and only contains the items listed above. You will need the Blacktallow Lighthouse Option if you would like to convert it into the Guard Tower."Screenshot_20220708-131147_Chrome.thumb.jpg.454c9afb42ddaac91748a3a4e16b7166.jpg


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