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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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18 minutes ago, charcon said:

Some amazingly useful minis in this! I wound request just regular ole wolves. A nice small faerie dragon also. A big thick war horse (no rider)! Maybe some farm animals (goats-pigs-cows). Picket and also rail fencing. Those would be useful. Sheep and a shepherd! A huge bee hive and giant bees!

This is not the place to request specific mini’s be made in bones. There is a dedicated thread for that in the Reaper Product Lines subforum. 

The KS comments also works. 

That said, I like a lol of what you’ve requested. 😉

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12 hours ago, haldir said:


Helmet/hat or underwear mimic for me!



 I think we need an armored fighter who's just horrifyingly realized he's wearing a chestplate mimic because it's suddenly sprouted pseudopods and grabbed him, lol...



On 3/30/2022 at 11:44 AM, Great Khan Artist said:

So, if the regular Reaper superfans spend hundreds of dollars on Bones kickstarters every time they have one, who are they really for? Are they for the dedicated Reaper boys and girls or do they draw new people into the hobby? I'm not being snarky, I'm curious to know how many new painters are created out of the kickstarters.  


 The Kickstarters bring a lot of new folks into the miniatures hobby, but it's usually much more about the playing side than just painting them for the sake of painting. To be honest, aside from some of the larger dragons, it hasn't been until Bones 4 that they started putting in things intended more for painting just for fun or display painting than slapping down on a game table.


   As was mentioned above, the KS's are primarily for Reaper itself as a way to add a large number of figures to their catalog at once. Reaper's success with the prepainted plastic Legendary Encounters figures led to them getting far more requests for new figures than they could produce due to the costs of the molds (they could only afford to release about twelve new figures a year), as well as a desire by some of the customers for unpainted versions. But at that point, it wasn't really so much about people wanting stuff to paint as much as things to put on their gaming tables.

The Bones 1 KS started out as a way to raise funds to create a bunch of new molds for figures that weren't already represented by stuff in the LE line and to provide unpainted versions of the LE figures - common monsters and adventurer types they hadn't managed to get to yet. However, it was so inconceivably successful that they started running out of stretch goals less than halfway through it and started pulling suggestions for new goals to put up out of the requests they were receiving in the comments section.

By the middle of the KS the core set had become such a huge value that a lot of people who weren't much into miniatures jumped in on it to get cheap figures for their tables, which obviously generated at least folks who got into the painting side as a separate hobby.

 Bones 2 made an effort to cover a lot of the stuff that people wanted on their tables that had been pointed out were missing from Bones 1, as well as starting to add some of the more uncommon stuff, and a couple larger things. By the time Bones 3 had come up, they'd covered a lot of the more common humanoid monsters and a lot of folks were looking forward to seeing more unusual stuff and more of the larger-than-human figures - particularly dragons and other things far too expensive to produce in metal.

However, although Reaper makes a great deal of money from the kickstarters, their main consideration is producing figures that will still sell well on their own afterwards. Which means that Bones 4-6 have been a delicate balance between still providing a sufficient number of more basic figures that will bring in new customers (both to the KS and in later sales for a long time to come) with finding new and interesting things to offer those who've already backed earlier kickstarters or acquired most of their basic miniature needs through retail. So we've seen additional figures for sets they've already produced (undead, kobolds, goblins, town guard, etc.) and new groups of figures as well as larger dragons, the themed Expansion sets, more scenery stuff, etc.


With each KS, out of the however many new backers they get, we usually end up with at least three or four new folks here on the forums.




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