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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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Aww. I'm actually kinda disappointed with the undead expansion reveal. They're perfectly good figures, but I was hoping for more terrain bits to go with the crypt. Despite enjoying playing and running necromancy games, I don't actually like painting most undead, and I have sufficient figures for a table on that front.




I like the sculpts of the familiars and lil' fairy dragons... but I don't want them in Bones material, unless it is maybe the Bones USA. Neither the original or Bones Black material have enough detail to make things that tiny worth it.

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Expansion spoiler thoughts:

  • I'm on the fence for the undead expansion. Really love those sculpts, but I also already have enough skellies. Definitely a few things I'd pick up at retail that may justify the $50 price tag.
  • Passing on the tavern, though I'll grab Zinnia at retail. And maybe about half a dozen Dimitris, if my current campaign is still going by then. (My players' favorite tavern is entirely staffed by dudes who look Like That. "So it's a bear bar?" "It is now.")
  • If the faerie dragons are part of the fae set, them and what's already been revealed are enough to lock me in.
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