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Bones 6 Enthusiasm and Commentary


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1 hour ago, MoonglowMinis said:

Owlbear Set is $18 now.

At either $16 or $18, I think it is good value.  If I'd seen the $18 first, I wouldn't have thought it was too high.  Graphics are never final until they get posted to Kickstarter.  I don't think they've ever raised the cost of an add-on once that happens. 

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1 hour ago, msfnc said:


I think there’s still a great deal of value there. Especially considering what retail pricing is going to look like when it delivers. 


1 hour ago, Serenity said:

At either $16 or $18, I think it is good value.  If I'd seen the $18 first, I wouldn't have thought it was too high.  

I agree, I'll be getting it.

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12 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Second Social Media Stretch Goals announced in new Update:



Image 4-13-22 at 1.04 PM.jpg

Image 4-13-22 at 1.05 PM.jpg


Again, while a cool sculpt, just not really a Umph!! kinda mini for a social goal. Something more unique would have been nicer to see. Plus there is already a great warg in Bones as it is.


8 hours ago, kristof65 said:

I just went back and looked at the first 86 figures in Bones 5, and compared to Bones 6, they're about the same level of "meh" to me. 


For me the Core isn't doing it this time cause most of the minis are just previous sculpt that are being transferred over to the Bones material. The one that are unique to Bones, most of those I do like. I guess for me it all comes down to, do I wanna wait for whenever they show up at retail or get them now when the KS fulfills.


5 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

I'm more referring to receiving dead pots of paint kind of kills the entire happy vibe of getting a package in.  Had it happen with my CAV KS 3 box, and the box wound up being untouched for a while. 


Yah, while I didn't have frozen paint, I did have exploded bottles of paint due to crappy quality control. It took a bit, but they were fixed at least. Nothing says "Lovely" seeing a ziplock bag of dried leaking paint bottles, after waiting for a KS to fulfill....:rock:).


4 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

YES! we need more female representation ! I would love to see some bare chested female barbarians😆J/K

I almost thought this was the bones black owlbear, but it is a different sculpt.

Which I found odd, as this model along with a few others, had already been released in Bones Black and were added to the Kickstarter.

I definitely feel you on this one. I have a newer vehicle which uses E85, so gas is cheaper BUT this stuff was below 3 bucks before all this world craziness. And I only have this vehicle because someone hit the family in our old car, and now our insurance is higher, so kind of negates any savings:( Yah, my wife got that COLA increase this year too, but my VA didn't:( However, I see they have changed how they categorize  tinnitus and it is now viewed as a by product NOT a main cause. I am praying I can finally have my rating upgraded and classify my hearing loss as service related.

Anywho, I digress, so to get back on point I personally have one other view that (for me anyways) affects how I feel about the kickstarters. When bones 1 & 2 came out, the basic line was how expensive the steel molds costs and how the kickstarter would help with that and EVENTUALLY would be brought stateside. Then Bones 3 and 4 came and it was still overseas. Then when 4 and 5 came (maybe just 5?), bones black was a thing and the molds were not interchangeable, and then after 5 and here in 6, stuff is in OG bones, Bones Black, and NOW bones USA, and they ALL non interchangeable. Now I can totally see that USA is geared more towards mini's and NOT big mini's and terrain, but having 3 different mediums mixed in a kickstarter seems odd to me. USA shouldn't need a big infusion because it is similar to metal spin casting, and Black is supposed to be superior to OG, so I am trying to understand why we are supporting all 3 in a kickstarter that is supposed to get us new steel molds? If it is just black and USA, that would make more sense. Can black NOT handle big models as well as OG?


Bones Black Owlbear never was released in a general release. That BB one was a preview mini that finally came out as part of of the DD box set (which I don't think is yet to hit retail. At least some of it has, but not all. I know the dragon hasn't hit yet & that's what I'd like out of it.)


Owlbear Encounter is a nice encounter & something that was needed for this. It's unique, it has bit of "Ahhhh, baby owlbears" feel to it & also gives a nice side adventure for RPGers in need of a unique experience for their game. For me, I've got baby owlbear stls, which I've yet to print out, but I really like them since I first laid eyes on them, so this encounter is kinda "eh" for me. Still a nice one to start the encounters. As multiple people have said 3d printers have impacted this KS, whether Reaper doesn't admit it or not, that & I have a ton of owlbear miniatures (Reaper, Unpainted, prepainted, etc etc) already. One time I ran a encounter with like 5 of them in it. A tad bit of overkill, yes, but it was a fun one for my players, so in effect, it was fun for me as well.

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At first I heard about the owlbear encounter, and I was unenthusiastic.  Then I saw the contents, with the baby owlbears and the owlbear statue, and I wanted it.  Then I thought it over, realized that the only items in the encounter that are at all useful beyond the very specific situation that the encounter describes are the adult owlbear and the dwarf, and I already have five owlbears in my collection.  I get that the encounters are supposed to be specific and cohesive, but I am going to stick to those that contain several miniatures I might use more than once.


Or maybe I won't.  Those owlbear cubs are awfully cute, after all.

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It does make me wonder; how many owlbears are too many owlbears? In D&D encounters, they strike me as a monster to use in isolation for a low level party. Like, bears are solitary hunters, which is probably where the "mama bear and her cubs" idea comes in as an excuse to have more... It's not an encounter I'd be likely to run (I don't want to force my players to orphan these poor cubs), but an added benefit of the encounter sets is that they're ready made for dioramas.

I did get the Bones Black Owlbear, and then got it again in the Dungeon Dwellers set. I think there's another owlbear in one of my orders somewhere.

Same for the Ogre, had that as a promo figure and also in Dungeon Dwellers. But beyond that, there's an ogre in the Bardsung set, there's an ogre in the Next Level Miniatures kickstarter... all with similar features but slightly different design. Ogres do seem like they could form a small society, so they seem more likely to show up together in games. 

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I imagined that owlbears live in family units, or at least temporarily so during roosting time. Might get young punk males freshly kicked out of the nest looking to make their own, but groups could be a thing. 


Thus there is a need for many owlbear minis. 

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I really like the owlbear tale. The momma and cubs are brilliant sculpts.

The egg and the nest I can definitely see multiple uses for.

Totem is quite cool. I really wish we could see turntable for the sneaking dwarf though. He seems like a nice sculpt but I am not 100% sure what is going on there.

I am on a fence for this one though. Mostly due to budget constraints. I will probably pledge the value, but might switch it to something else in pledge manager.

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3 hours ago, haldir said:

 but it was a fun one for my players, so in effect, it was fun for me as well.


This phrase really encapsulates and distills the gm experience. 


As for owlbear encounters, a fun challenge for even more experienced characters is to _capture_ an unharmed owlbear(s). Changing the win condition to something besides hp attrition can be inspiring to players. And then you get to laugh at their terrible, terrible plans. 

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On 4/12/2022 at 9:18 AM, Cyradis said:

But perhaps a two-part core of "Monsters Core" and "Adventurers Core" sets instead of all-in-one could help in the future.

This is a fantastic idea. 


I'm always down for more monsters, but unless I start killing my players at a faster rate, I have more than enough adventurers to last me the rest of my DMing days, and then some.


Splitting the core would be awesome, I could easily see that pulling in a lot of on the fence buyers. 

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