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77267 Kallaguk, Troll King

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I luv the look of this troll but wish I wasn't so cheap and gotten the metal and resin version, he belongs in bones black. His legs are too skinny for regular bones which makes him to continuous droop as he is too top heavy. I had to pin and then glue his left foot flat with the base and raise the front of the base like 20 degrees to stop that effect. Well what color do u paint a troll king, well green of course?









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Very good work, and my favorite choice of colors -- purple and green!  I had the same problems with the troll king's legs not being able to support him. 


I solved it by softening the legs with a blow dryer, then pushing large brass sewing pins up through his legs from under the base.  Getting the pin to go through the curve of his ankle was a trick -- I had to straighten the ankle out while soft, push the pin in straight, then bend the pin and ankle back.  It was worth it though -- he now stands without any support.


My troll is still awaiting paint.  I might draw inspiration from your paint-up. 

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