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Frost Giant Skeleton [WZK90430]


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1 hour ago, Drone6040 said:

I absolutely love this mini and especially like the bone. Can I ask what paints you used?

I used a mix of Army painter (AP) and Master Series Paints (MSP) on this one. For the bone I used a base of Banshee Brown (AP) and then a drybrush of Skeleton Bone (AP) After that I used a dark wash to give it an aged dirty look and then highlighted with Skeleton Bone, Drake Tooth (AP) and Brainmatter Beige (AP). Overall, I use something like 20 paints and 2 washes on this mini.

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Excellent work on this one! Love the condition of the items he is wearing & wielding. Nice use of colors.


I received this one today, but it's in the big shipping box. I'll open it tomorrow sometime. Hoping this one fulfills my need for giant skeletons, thou I do need to sculpt flames on them. We shall see.


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