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Lansing, Michigan?


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Well, I am back from moving my fiancee into his sister's place in Lansing. :down: Now I am all along except for my parakeet....anyhoo, back to the point! His relatives go to Fortress for thier gaming stuff. What do the rest of you Lansingers thing about the place? Have any other suggestions for game stores?

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I would definately recommend the Fortress! They're really good people. And very helpful. And they'll special order anything for you. Excellent turnaround time on special orders to boot. It's my favorite place to get gaming things and paints, and minis here in town. Besides, Lord Baasen runs Warlord demos there! Which is always fun. If I were to give places like this a grade, it'd be an A. They've never treated me wrong there.


There are five other places here in Lansing I can think of off of the top of my head. Though it's doubtful you'll find anything at these other places that Fortress dosen't already have (with the noted exception of Ryders Hobby). 1st is 21st Century Comic and Games. They're located not far at all from Fortress. They're pretty good. I had some problems with them in the past as far as special orders go. But just the same, they have cool stuff there as far as gaming goes. But not quite in the quantity that Fortress does. Indeed, I'd go to 21st Century for comics before I went there for games or minis. Unfortunately, I really don't read comics much any more. Grade- a solid B or B+.


2nd would be The Hobby Hub in the FRandor Shopping center. This used to be THE place for your gaming needs. But those days are long over. You might find something cool there that you never thought you'd see again, but don't hold your breath. It's mainly crafts and model stuff now. With a smattering of comics as well. And thier mini-shelfs are practically non-existant now. On the bright side, it's right next door to a Michael's. ::D: They get a C- as far as I'm concerned.


3rd would be Major League Cards and Comics. Ugh, do I hate that place. Though they do have a few shelves full of Gaming material, the sad fact of the matter is that the majority of it is dated. And they are very overpriced. As far as minis and paints go. You'll be fine if you're looking for just GW stuff. On the bright side, you'll likely find an old jem that GW dosen't produce anymore there, if you dig far enough. Nope, Major League is a place that supports mostly trading cards and CCG's. They get a D.


Capitol City Comics. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! There's a certain coolness to this store, becasue they have alot of vintage comics and books. Which is very cool. But I don't have much tolerence for people that raid Toys R Us late at night when they're getting a shipment of the latest cool toys, buying all or most of the stock, and then marking up the price and selling them in thier own store. They're not great people to deal with either. You'll be lucky to find any gaming stuff that isn't used oor under 10 years old either. that's an easy E for these weasels.


Ryders Hobby. If there's something I can't find @ the Fortress, or I can't make it to East Lansing for some reason, I can usually find it here. Ryders is really convienient for me because I happen to live around the corner from it too. Lots of cool modeling supplies. Reasonable prices. And Reaperwolf hosts a painting clinic the 1st tuesday of every month. I'm usually there. And it's always a good time. They could use a few more brands of paint there. Though they're just starting to carry Reaper Pro Paints, which makes them the store in town that does so. But some Vallejo's would be nice too. A good an' solid B+ for them.


That's it in a nutshell for Lansing. There's also a place I like to go to in Brighton (a lil yuppie town about a half and hour heading east on I96) called Just For Fun Hobbies that has THE COOLEST selection of minis, both old and new, that's I've ever seen. Anyway, hope this helps!

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Forget about Hobby Hub, they've got a handful of Reaper mini's under glass at the front counter, but that's it. They also have some modeling paints, but mostly for model cars & railroad. They have some cool scenery though, again for model trains, but they'd work equally well for fantasy mini's...i'd go there for the terrain but that's all. They don't even have a good selection of RPG material any more...place has gone down hill in that department IMO.


Fortress is great though. On top of the great selection, etc, you get $5 or $10 (i forget which) store credit after you buy $100 of merchandise. Great guys that run the place too.


Other than Fortress, only other place in Lansing i'd go is Ryders (haven't yet been to 21st Century). Wish they had a larger selection of paints, but they're modeling supplies are good, and they have huge mini selection. Guys working the gaming department are good too, they know their stuff.

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In order of like-ability/gamer-friendliness;


Fortress (Great stock, fantastic staff and helpful regulars. It sits in the heart of East Lansing so there's always a place to get food and coffee.)

Rider's (The place to be for the tech side of the hobby)

21st Century Comics (Good locale, but their stock is minimal compared to Fortress)


Capitol Comics and Major League I do not define as gamer shops.

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That's it in a nutshell for Lansing.  There's also a place I like to go to in Brighton (a lil yuppie town about a half and hour heading east on I96) called Just For Fun Hobbies that has THE COOLEST selection of minis, both old and new, that's I've ever seen.  Anyway, hope this helps!



Hey Stray Bullet and Spicey-Brains! If you're available or the 1st or 2nd, stop by Fortress. Come meet ME, oh yeah and Kelcore.

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If I could be in Lansing right now I would, but just my other half is there right now. I will be joining him in December. He is scouting places for me, aint he a doll! Right now, I just want a place that sells minis, basing supplies and paints at a reasonable cost and a cool place to go and oggle the merchandice. It seems that what I spend the most time doing :rolleyes: It would be cool to finally meet people from the boards in real life, but it is going to have to wait until I get to a place with a populace ::P:

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Hmmm, the Fortress appears to be a new store, since when I attended MSU in 1994.


There was a shop along grand avenue, in the basement of a building ( Mostly comics and RPGS ), and one along Charles Ave I think ( Rpgs, Comics, and Figures ).


Fortress is on Albert behind the hamster ramp, and IIRC, that area held a new ( in 1994 ) store, that carried Anime, anime models, manga, etc, had a large screen projection TV, and would show Anime sometimes. It was called something typically 90s, like "Gen X" or X Generation" or something like that.


Is Fortress where that place was?




Oh, is the Tolkien themed restaurant "Bilbo's" still back there? A Pizza and Sub shop, with good food. Their "Smaug the Dragon" sub was damn tasty. The decor is nice, the wood panels dividing the booths have painted and carved scenes from the book. It's great, a perfect place for hungry gamers.


Oh no! I read on Google, Bilbo's closed. It was sold, and transformed into a chic bar, which then folded... Now it's "The Post".




Hmm, still seems there is one in Kalamazoo, MI. And how could I have forgotten Hobbit Stix!

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Siiiigh. I keep seeing the title of this thread...



I reply:




I gotta have a talk with whichever of my ancestors thought that would make a good first name...


Anyhoo, hijack over, carry on with the discussion.

That's what I thought, too. Somebady was writing a note to Frosch . . . My bad.

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Oh man, you HAD to mention Smaug the Dragon, didn't you? That was my favorite sammich there as well. *sigh* man, do I miss Bilbo's somethin' fierce. Stoopid yuppie joints... :angry:



I kinda miss Campus Comics too. and Curious Comics as well. Both of those places had more character than many of the other comic shops around. Though Fortress really does keep the tradition of cool people to talk to when you shop alive.


And Fuzzy, when you get down here, make sure to keep an eye out for when Baasen and I do demos for Warlord or painting clinics, we'd love to have ya there. And anyone else in the mid-michigan area as well!

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so, I used to live in East Lansing - really, in Shaw Hall for two years @ MSU.


If you head due north up the central street of campus...then keep walking in the same direction when the street y's off to both left and right...there's a semi-mall made out of old brownstones across the street from campus (right along Michigan ave.) w/ an Olga's in it. Going to MSU was my first time in Michigan at all, so I'd never had an olga's before I went. A lot like a gyros, but sweeter.


Anyway, above & just off to one side of the Olga's there was a comic & game store - this was in the late 80's.


The names you cite above sound pretty familiar, so I'm thinking this is one of them.


go towards detroit (east) along Michigan Ave for a few blocks & there's another comic store in the basement. Again don't remember the name.


But I discovered V for Vendetta and bought my copy of Marvel Super Heroes role playing (yuck! - at least compared to V&V) in the one upstairs from Olgas...and maxed out my $500 credit card (it had some other stuff before then, but I used a couple hundred) filling in all the back issues I needed to have the complete Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga in original printings.


So...I have fond memories of those places, but still can't remember their names. Anybody able to figure it out from these clues??

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