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Lansing, Michigan?


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so, I used to live in East Lansing - really, in Shaw Hall for two years @ MSU.


If you head due north up the central street of campus...then keep walking in the same direction when the street y's off to both left and right...there's a semi-mall made out of old brownstones across the street from campus (right along Michigan ave.) w/ an Olga's in it. Going to MSU was my first time in Michigan at all, so I'd never had an olga's before I went. A lot like a gyros, but sweeter.


Anyway, above & just off to one side of the Olga's there was a comic & game store - this was in the late 80's.


The names you cite above sound pretty familiar, so I'm thinking this is one of them.


go towards detroit (east) along Michigan Ave for a few blocks & there's another comic store in the basement. Again don't remember the name.


But I discovered V for Vendetta and bought my copy of Marvel Super Heroes role playing (yuck! - at least compared to V&V) in the one upstairs from Olgas...and maxed out my $500 credit card (it had some other stuff before then, but I used a couple hundred) filling in all the back issues I needed to have the complete Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga in original printings.


So...I have fond memories of those places, but still can't remember their names. Anybody able to figure it out from these clues??

I too have fond memories of the places you're describing, Cripdyke. If I'm reading your descriptions correctly, then you're speaking of Curious Comics (the one above) and Campus Comics (in the basement). Sadly, both of them and Olgas no longer exist down there. If not for Fortress and 21st Century, there wouldn't be anything remotely similar. Still, there's really no replacement for Olga's and Bilbo's. Kinda bums me out... :down:


Crusoe the Painter Posted on Sep 6 2004, 06:51 PM

  Former MSU Brass Dragon Gaming Club members, Sound Off! :)


MSU Brass Dragon Member, 92-94 


I was never a member (I wasn't a student) but I did play with the Brass Dragon club every once in a while.

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Crusoe the Painter  Posted on Sep 6 2004, 04:51 PM

  Former MSU Brass Dragon Gaming Club members, Sound Off! :)


I think I ended up with a Brass Dragon Club card once, but I only went 3 or 4 times I think...this was sometime between 88-91 I forget.


Crusoe the Painter  Posted on Sep 6 2004, 07:22 AM

        Oh, is the Tolkien themed restaurant "Bilbo's" still back there?


I miss the Hobbit Stix and the pizza...awesome pizza.... :down: damn yuppies.



Oh, and before I forget, anyone in the mid-michigan area (heck or anywhere for that matter), come to Lansing Sept 24-26 for the Foundation Gaming Convention. Free games, free game demos, tourneys, the usual convention stuff...



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well, stray bullet - we were at MSU together for a while...


matriculated fall 87, left after winter term 89.


played mostly Marvel Supers while I was there cuz i didn't have enough time to meet all the good nerds.


I guess the fact that I had 3 majors and founded the juggling club while performing multiple plays per year might have had something to do with it...


but I have to admit that I DID have time to learn Euchre & win some serious money at it...

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forgot to say, I really liked Curious for the atmosphere. Campus had a larger selection of back issues...


either way, i'll miss the stores.


I'll also miss the fries at Olga's, but somewhere along the way (well, actually when I started being part of the queer women's community but I didn't wanna promote stereotypes! :poke: ) I became a vegetarian, so I can't miss the actual "Olga" wrap sandwich too much.


never hooked up w/ BrassDragon.


They weren't in the dorm that had the Middle Earth cafe/ hobbit hole in the basement were they? One of those two dorms started with an "A". Abbot, maybe? gosh, just shows how shaky my memory of those times really were.


And I wasn't even taking any drugs! Maybe i SHOULDN'T have had 3 majors, huh?


cd, given a shout out to any who still live in the lower-central palm of the right hand...


...you left handers also deserve some praise - for your resoluteness in puttin' up with the cold and lack of electricity & plumbing, if nothing else! :poke: I heard they have 3 or 4 indoor toilets UP there now, Yah?

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  • Reaper User
Former MSU Brass Dragon Gaming Club members, Sound Off! :)


MSU Brass Dragon Member, 92-94

Although many of the original members of the Brass Dragon Game Club are still around the org pretty much dried up and blew away years ago. Sad really. ::(:


Anywho the new org is called CARP, Capital Area Role Players. No longer associated with the university in any way, the members meet once a month or so at the Fortress in East Lansing. Unfortunately the club has changed a lot in the years following its foundation. What once was a loose collection of wide-open non-campaign games meeting every week has degenerated into nothing more than a RPGA Living X gameday. For those who like Living X games (Force, Grayhawk, etc.) more power to you but for those of us just looking for fun & games it's a real downer.


Games at the Fortress go on until all hours Friday and Saturday nights, the most popular games are WFB, 40K, etc. There's a smattering of other card games as well, just stop in or hit their page for a schedule of their events.


Others have mentioned Fortress's excellent selection and prodigious game space so suffice to say both Riders and 21C fall a little short in those regards. Riders and 21C do have more to offer in other regards, 21C is an excellent comic shop and does carry an excellent RPG selection, Riders tends to carry onesies of the most popular RPG titles, smatterings of popular card games, board games, and more RC and train goodies than you can shake a stick at. Riders also hosts a painting clinic the first Tuesday of the month, thanks be to Kelcore for throwing in his support! Riders also sponsors all kinds of board, card, and RPG events throughout the week.


I go to all three from time to time, I suggest anybody who visits Capital City do likewise.


BTW, now would be a good time to advertise the local game convention scheduled later this month. It's called Foundation Con 2004 and it's set to run 24th - 26th of this month. Here's the link:




Admission is free, each event costs between $3.00 and $5.00. I'm running nine different RPG scenarios in six different games: Lord of the Rings RPG, Toon, Castle Falkenstein, Dying Earth, Conspiracy X. Should be a blast. Hit the link, go to Events and scrutinize the schedule.


Hope to see ya there. ::):





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