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FDM printers and minis detail

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I have been using  Ender printers for my 3D printing and have a few pointers to getting the best results when doing 28mm or similar minis. First, we still are not going to get the detail possible with a resin printer. However, using the Fat Dragon protocols and the finest detail settings you can get very good results.


1. Skinny ankles are gonna be a problem. If you do Heroforge, use boots!

2. Supports are often gonna be necessary. Most designers are planning for resin printers, so pay attention.

3. High speed can be your enemy, my Ender6 is fast, but slowing the speed down can help.

4. Most filaments can make good prints.

5. I am still using my .4mm nozzle and am getting good prints. I have a .2mm nozzle but have not yet put it in. I have no doubt it would give even better results.

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I still use my .4 nozzle as well, what I think helps is I print everything at .15 layer height (at least I think that is what it is in cura haha) and 10-15 percent infill. Granted most of my FDM printing is terrain pieces. The only real reliable models I find that work great mini's wise are from artists that specifically work toward making the model FDM friendly. Honestly, the only one I have found that hits that mark has been Arbiter miniatures. His undead is awesome. Busts seem to come out well on FDM, and are more affordable then resin (and you don't have the issues associated with hollowing in resin).

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Agreed that the fat dragon profiles are excellent.  RocketPig is another designer that I know works well with FDM.

With resin, I think the general rule of thumb for thin areas is no less than 1mm thick. For FDM, 1mm will print but won't have any strength and I think it needs to be kept closer to 2.

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