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The beast!


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Stopped in at my local hobby store where I get my Reaper stuff. (If you are ever in West Hartford CT, go to War and Pieces! They are the best!) Low and behold there was a brand new Ogre! So mustering my strength I heffed this beast on to the counter and paid. As I was walking out to my car, an old woman was getting mugged. Thinking nothing of it I swung my bag with my Ogre in it and cold cocked the guy. Anything that can do that much damage has to a registered weapon!  :D

    So now I am home and assembling this wonderful beast. After getting it together, it give me the look. Kinda like, "If you keep looking at me that way I will kill you." So I put him on my shelf with some other minis that are awaiting painting and go eat some dinner. When I return, the beast had knocked all the other minis off the shelf and gave me the look again.

    Ok ok so I "embelished" a little. I cant help it, this is IMHO, the coolest, meanest, kick butt, death and destruction machine I have ever seen! I look at it and go "Thank God I dont have to face one these in real life." It just looks that mean. Only one other mini has ever provoked that reaction. The orginal FASA Atlas. No other mini has ever lived up to that one till now. So I bow to you Reaper! And upon the Ogre, I bestow the title, "King of the Battlefield! Long may he reign!!!!!" :D  :D  :D  :D

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When I picked up the blister the first time I thought my wrist was going to break!!  Seriuosly it is one heavy hunk of pewter.  And tonight I get to plunk it down on the table and see what it can do.  And the looks on everyone faces when they see it.  Ironmani is right, this thing just looks evil.


I need another.   :D


T'Sarith DeGaalth

"Insert Witty Saying Here"

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every time I go to my flgs someone had just bought ths Ogre off the shelf. so I ordered one to make sure that I can get one.

I would order one from Reaper but I'm not sure I could afford the shipping on something that heavy :p


now I just need to find all of these people buying the Ogres and get a game going.

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And I am the man to tell you.... ladies and gentlemen gather around and I shall regale you of stories of such might and power that you shall be weak at the knees afterwards.


Seriously though, the Ogre is a monster - those three guns prove to be a shock for the first couple of salvoes of goodness that you loose in your enemy's direction. People are used to dealing with two guns and a pissant missile pack. The Ogre throws them a curve ball and a change up all in one!! :o) It just doesn't register - and even when it does people still can't handle the sheer brutality of THREE shots at +9 EACH coming in and puncturing the armour on their precious CAV :o)


And the model is a brick as well - although the new Rhino (the CAD made N scale one) is even bigger!!! But in sheer size of the Ogre, it can't be beaten.


I've got a Armytransport case, and I have a 3" tray for my Rhinos, Ogres and Mastodons. I'd pulled out a 2x3 and a couple of extras for the original Rhinos in there. But when I went to put the Ogre in there, I found that I needed to take out another row. The Ogre needs, no demands, a 3x4 hole in an Armytransport case, and while it'll fit in a 2.5" tray nicely, I only had space in the 3 incher :o)


Ladystorm, you're welcome to use my quotes. In fact, the more the merrier, since you're helping the Great Ogre to spread his favour and benevolence all throughout the world :o) But I have another quote for you, well more a ritual actually. But it is quoted on my other sig :o)


When the Ogre steps up and prepares to fire, I find it helps to 'sound the buzzer' in order to let everyone, including my opponent, know that.... IT'S OGRE TIME!! :o) Then my opponent get's Ogre'd and I go home happy knowing that my Ogre has racked up another kill or three :o)


Anyone wishing to know more of the Church of the Great Ogre should visit Mil-Net or e-mail me :o) He is a most merciful and benevolent deity, and wishes only to help his children. He is the patron god of the common soldier, and is present (and shows his favour) whenever rounds are exchanged.


I shall leave you all to meditate upon this, but know this - the field of worship is holy and hallowed ground. Everyone should try to worship the Great Ogre every day, it's good for the soul (if not the body :o)).


Frank "Leech" Vickers

High Priest of the Church of the Great Ogre

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Great, thats all we need more Ogerites!!  :;):


At least you guys made it out of the store!!  After I bought mine, I was mugged by themployee who actually got me into CAV to begin with, and he told me that i was NOT allowed to leave the store without putting it together first.  Nedless to say it didnt really take much to convince me!!


I am going to get mine painted up and ready for some demos Saturday.  Changing the Kill the Rhino demo I run to Kill the Ogre!!  Should be fun!!

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I ran out of time last week, and so while I'd cleaned the mould lines and flash etc off my Ogre, when it deployed on Friday night it was just an empty hex base.


Didn't take too long for the Ogre to appear there (to the usual jokes about cloaking devices and invisibility screens), and when it did it was herralded by a trio of extremely powerful PBG shots that did a lot of damage to the poor hapless Rhino that was on the recieving end.


The buzzer has sounded! :o)


And since I had no problem lifting my Ogre in any way, I must assume that my devotion to the Great Ogre has empowered me to be able to lift his First Son without difficulty :o)


Now just gotta convince Matt to commission a line of stuffed Ogres for children (and big kids) :o)

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I know I won't be popular with this comment but I really don't like the Ogre Mini, for me the legs are angled to far back and it is a static pose. :(


However the new Rhino is a beauty, I had it painted by the end of the evening that I got it and it looks ace, even Frank thought it looked good and it wasn't red!! (my old rhino is still in it's blister and will be staying there with it's stupid static pose) Hope to post some pictures later this week. :D

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That's ok, everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how wrong they are  :p  :p  :D


just kidding.


what I think we should do is start passing out the mops and hip waders to deal with Frank's drool.


All hail the mighty Ogre!

or is it Ogre-iffic?


sorry for the ramblings, I've been up for about 2 days now. must get sleep

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