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Erm, to be honest I don't know when they're out - perhaps they'll be released this month with the Wight et al, but Matt said a couple months back that the CAD rescuplts wouldn't be 'released' in the official term. ####, Stuart's only got one because I gave it to him to thank him for all his assistance over the past couple of months - and cos I didn't want him to suffer the hand sculpted one like I had too :o)


Stuart's Rhino does look really nice, and it's in a wonderful paint scheme. It'd be perfect for a unit called 'black lighting' but, well I assume you can guess the problem :o)


Still, the Dark Knights are definately head-turner's.


And Ghost, I agree completely with Stuart's opinion of the Ogre's legs... I think the 'stooped/hunched' look was taken a little too far... however it is the Ogre, the incarnation of the First Son of the Great Ogre and I'll be damned if I don't own 12+ of them :o)


I just realised, I'm gonna have to make up an Assault section based around Ogres for my OpFor otherwise they'll get spanked and I'll never get to field 12k of my forces :o) Best make that 14+ Ogres then methinks :o)

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I know I won't be popular with this comment but I really don't like the Ogre Mini,

You know what?  I don't like it either.


It's got these weird ledges on the back of it...  What the heck are they?


The legs are much too big and bulky.  It doesn't look like it could walk much at all.


Plus, the boom between the cockpit and the rest of the body looks like this thing could pose as a Klingon Bird of Prey...  A definite week spot in it's structure that, when shot at, should snap the cockpit clean off the torso.


It's size is impressive...  But, it's detail is comparitive to the much smaller Knight and Warlord.


So, you're not alone.

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I will just have to trust you all with how big, mean, nasty, and cool the mini is

for there is no place to get CAV anything left in albany

and am working up an order for reaper for after christmass

so i ll just have to wait

#### I don t even have a real copy of the JoR yet..

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Actually Kai, I have two I'm painting up. But that's only because the hand sculpted ones look odd, especially compared to most of my army (wish the CAD scultped Starhawk would come out soon! :o)).


And the Ogre is used to being tougher and harder than the others - it's only natural afterall :o)


I feel your pain Ron, I really do. I've not checked upon the latest status (this week) but we had a major JoR drout until very recently. And I don't think the Ogre is out yet over here, but should be available for order I hope :o)


Best go find out methinks :o)

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I love the Oger but I have to agree on the legs, actually not from a ascetics standpoint but from a painting stand point.  They are REALLY tough to paint.


But man is it mean looking.


I really can't wait for the new rhino's as well.  I've got My Black Lightning Rhino finished and have my personal Rhino primed, I might just paint him up for a second Demo Rhino and wait to field one with my unit till a new CAD one comes to a store near me.


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Addict #00092

Dallas Texas

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That's probably wise Pat.


However, since the wait for the new Rhino has been extensive, I have had to paint up some Rhinos.


So right now, I have 5 Rhinos, all of which are itching to be replaced. But what's bugging me is that I can't remember how I got the paint jobs looking so good (ie who I asked to paint which one), so I'm gonna be without the better looking ones for a while.


Still, I remember where one came from :o)

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