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Siri Bones Dragons

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19 minutes ago, Big Bad Wolf said:

I always find your work to be highly inspirational Siri. I rarely comment though. Rest assured that just because you don't see me post  in response to your work doesn't mean I don't like it. Have I seen that cabbage dragon before? 


Cabbage used to be used for my classes at Reaper Con about trying non traditional color schemes, but I never finished him. Figured I should 

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On 4/17/2022 at 10:26 PM, Sirithiliel said:


I am using a LOT of orange in the transitions, maybe more orange? Not sure


I think you've got more orange blending on yours than I do, and I think your red is darker.  I'm using lots more purple on the body. What colors are you using?   I'm using 9424 runic purple, with some 89531 kraken violet blended for highlighting, 9406 sunrise orange (or maybe it was 9605 clear orange), and 9008 sunlight yellow.  I haven't started the white highlights on the yellow yet. 


Yours is really coming together well. 


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09273 Splintered Bone for the white

09708 Candlelight Yellow 

09219 Explosion Orange

89505 Merisiel Red

29841 Witchcraft Purple


and then I used 09602 Bruised Purple for the dark shadows between the rubies, as i wanted a 'cooler' purple for the shadows there as opposed to the 'warm' purple i use on the other parts

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