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SPACEFUTURE! Savage Aliens from NorthStar's In Her Majesty's Name


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(I've had these finished for a while and THOUGHT I'd posted them already, but the search engine can't find them.)

In the ancient days when the Solar System was young, the Martian Empire spread far and wide through the local outer spiral arm before the Veiled Catastrophe ended their hegemony. They built miracles and left behind marvels. Sometimes they left behind colonies. A few of these, such as the ancestors of the Andromedan Dominion, flourished. Others saw the colonists die off, to be replaced aeons later by evolved descendants of flora and fauna brought along during the terraforming (Martiaforming?) process. 

Still others suffered resource collapse, and the colonists relapsed into centuries of barbarism. Witness one such case.

Here are representatives of the Skull-Fang tribe, wielders of the sacred xolchu knife-axe (similar to our huckable Earth mambele knives):







And here their great rivals, the spear-wielding Moonspike tribe. 









Skirmishes between the two are a way of life since time immemorial. Only the greatest warriors go without a shield, preferring instead to dual-wield their own weapons and those taken from the enemy. 






Even in their reduced state, though, they have not lost the Martian intellect. Between clashes their bards create great sagas and carvings of incredibly advanced mathematics. Their shamans have deduced nuclear and relativistic physics from first principles. There simply isn't enough smeltable metal left to put their designs to use. 



Three local years after the disastrous First Contact with outward-expanding Earth forces, a temporary alliance of the tribes managed to build a working hyperdrive out of scrap metal bits and a stolen ray gun. Since then, their ballooning fleet of pirated ships has been kept in check only by internal struggles. Kinetic projectiles on gravity-slingshot orbits are their specialty, and the shock of having your ship depressurized by a knife thrown from several light-seconds away is one few spacers are prepared to deal with. 



Bonus content: a spectrum of Martian-derived phenotypes, from Andromedan through modern Martian through these tusked barbarians. Notice the conserved two-toed feet on the one hand, and the brow ridges and bilobate head on the other. 









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Thanks, everyone! 

7 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

They look great!

You've got a really good collection of aliens going on.

You'd think I'd have ENOUGH at this point...but it's an addiction! 😄

9 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

Love the backstory with these guys, as well as the actual painted minis. The warpaint and shields came out great 

Any problems with them tipping over? Those bases look awfully thin.

Thank you very much! I was happy with the stripes and the spear-and-planet logos in particular.
Yes, they are fairly tippy; I'd advise rebasing or sticking them on a penny or something for tabletop use. I like the narrow bases for close-packed display, but did have to do some creative bending to get a couple of them balanced correctly.

10 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Captain we are HIT!!!

Oh No! By what? A Laser? a plasma blast, a missile? Answer me Ensign!

Well ehh it seems to be a fork...

🤣👽🔪 That's exactly how these encounters start! They say not to bring a knife to a gunfight, but if you can stab someone from behind the cover of an asteroid, it changes things! 

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