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Nolzur's Cloud Giant :: Thrym's Project Suplex Alpha


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Okay, I picked up this particular cloud giant at 40% off in the clearance section at the local FLGS. First section I hit when I get there every few-to-six months.




It's been sitting here next to my chair in the living room under consideration for addition to the Joten Horde for a bit.  One of the first things I was concerned with was the color under the translucent "air" effects.  When I paint the skin the spot under the "air" will look different than the skin tones.


So after some internal debate about how to proceed with everything I figure the clear effects needed to be dismantled and the cloak needs to come off so I can get at his right arm.


This is where I learned that WizKids/Gale Force decided to take a shortcut on getting the effects of the air.  ... *facepalm*


The entire miniature is made of translucent material and they just "primed" the non-air parts.  There's one exception to this; the ruff around the neck.




That means the head, the hand, and the legs where the other translucent effects exist are not multiple pieces as I had originally imagined, but are, in fact, one piece each.  Arg...


I'll be disassembling the ruff as well as the "pauldron" so I can at least paint under that piece of "air."




Anyway, stay tuned and enjoy.  We'll see what I can wrestle out of this.


Ps:  The jewelry on the face reminds me of the emperor from the movie "300."


Cloud Giant head with "300" look.

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Actually, that is a she & it's suppose to represent Countess Sansuri from the Storm King's Thunder hardback adventure. She is a nasty one.




Also, WIzkids does this with any mini with trans parts in them, as you found out, they just leave the trans parts clear & prime the rest. It works for the most part. I have gotten figures where it's a primed everything except the arm with the spell effect in it, :lol:.


Good luck on your venture with it. (One of those figures I still need to pick up after all this time).

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37 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Very interesting project; I look forward to seeing how it works out.


Yeah, not sure what my cloud giants are going to look like, but first I still have to remove the ruff and pauldron.


Anyone have luck with alcohol inks on these types of plastic minis?

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