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On a recent trip to the former dollar store in my area I came across something that really gave me ideas. With just a quick glance I knew this would make a great base for a lot of builds and the $1.25 price point was just right.20220421_152644.thumb.jpg.567c4625207d16dd6dd4e3d0b28fdc84.jpg20220421_152659.thumb.jpg.601ff82dfcc7f60ba0adc59b1cec1a4b.jpg

This Final Faction line really is the gift that just keeps giving. 


20220421_153535.thumb.jpg.1ecd2da4c120abf2a0d408a7cadfc210.jpg20220421_153544.thumb.jpg.12890f9f850a4e1e21b60584686c2b4a.jpg20220421_153552.thumb.jpg.ab8a02ddf35690d18a086152054b1cd5.jpgAssembly revealed just how big it is, it is intended for action figures after all, but this wasn't a deal breaker. It did however give me second thoughts on building a Gunwagon though as this would make for a very easy Trukk conversion, next time perhaps.


Grabbing some random junk from my collection I started immediately.



After just one build session I ended up with this. A pretty respectable start with minimal time investment.



Session two really brought it all together. 20220422_141846.thumb.jpg.dcc01e4e49c344cc3404bb9b354c501e.jpg20220422_141855.thumb.jpg.e5a6ea2c78f381a3048409936331e37e.jpg20220422_141903.thumb.jpg.5bdb86f3e2de0258daf84edd3df10b47.jpg20220422_141908.thumb.jpg.655ad1019bc9420b4191d7defdcb8e2e.jpg20220422_141927.thumb.jpg.6c844a857e502470f4c7abeb9dd524f3.jpg

Not too bad for such a small investment (both in terms of time and money). With just a few more details and a some magnets it'll be ready for primer. 

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Didn't mean to start a project and then immediately ignore it for so long. Unfortunately life got in the way a bit with final preparations for a four year olds birthday party, building her "big" gift, and chainsawing some logs to restock our woodpile. After a day with a chainsaw my hands aren't very steady and I wouldn't attempt to paint like that so I definitely wasn't doing any kitbashing on those days. 


I have made a little progress here and there but it was never enough to justify a post. Now however it's ready for primer so I wanted to post an update.20220430_230322.thumb.jpg.d73a3e3f1f0af5e6f190688dfada80e3.jpg20220430_230330.thumb.jpg.47c6913d6672b2e5b467494d4ac33779.jpg

The codex says it can take four big shootas and rather than simply mounting the weapons I decided to do something Orkier. I originally wanted them to be hanging off the smokestacks but that proved to be too much for the magnets I have on hand. I think the compromise works though.



With one exception it looks like the magnets won't be too noticeable either once it's painted. As I don't do it very often hiding magnets can be pretty hit or miss with me so I'm counting this one as a win. Now it's on to priming. 

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Primed everything yesterday, so today I went ahead and started basecoating. This Orky project called for a larger brush however.20220504_131238.thumb.jpg.18bf9cf8719153a0c4c9b4273c0e0356.jpg


Armed with the "appropriate" tool I got right to work.


Basecoat is finished, though its pretty bad and the red isn't quite the shade I remember it being its a great orky basecoat. Besides we all know I'm going to cover it in washes, grime, and rust anyway.

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On 5/6/2022 at 2:35 PM, Rigel said:

Looking very Orky already! 

Yeah, the streaks and uneven coat really added "value" and realism to the model. Now I just need to push that a little further to finish it off.


Real life has been getting in the way of painting lately. Between spring cleaning, preparing for the kid's birthday party, and general spring maintenance I've been turning in pretty early. Then to top it all off I'm stuck calling in all next week for jury duty. So a real painting session is not only overdue but sorely needed to relax and de-stress.


Yesterday I managed a short session. Removing the driver I quickly painted him up before returning him to the interior. This was probably a superfluous step as he'll barely be visible once the vehicle is finished but I decided to go the extra mile anyway.



Tonight I mostly worked on the Ork gunners. I painted them in my wife's color scheme and nearly finished them. One more session and they'll be ready for sealing.



As for the vehicle itself I made some progress adding pops of color and a couple washes too. With it still drying though this tease shot will have to suffice for now.


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Back at it tonight and this project is nearly finished. I started the session working on the Ork gunners and they're almost done. Just a few more things to finish but they're unlikely to change too much in the final steps.


Unfortunately the wash on the bottom of their boots is still wet so I can't really show them off till tomorrow. 


I also went ahead and completed the remaining panel for the driver's compartment. Painting however will probably take a couple more sessions though.


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I've been working on the finishing touches of this project off and on for the last couple days. Progress each day however never seemed sufficient enough for an update though so instead I simply powered through so I could present the finished piece. 


Starting off are the Orks themselves.





Then there is the completed Gunwagon in all its glory.


For those curious as to how the other "door" turned out, I think it looks pretty good.


The orks themselves tend to draw the eye leaving the vehicle to almost fade into the background but that is intentional. Once I started adding the gunners I realized much of piece's character was in the figures so I pushed that. With a rather basic paintjob they became the focal point and though it wasn't my intention during the planning stage I think it works.


As for the wheels I decided not to paint them. Wanting to keep them functional I just didn't see the point in painting them just to lose most of that paint the very first time the vehicle sees use. That may be a mistake but one that can easily be fixed later if I change my mind.


Though I'm calling this project finished I'll leave you with this "potential" for another build sometime in the future. 20220519_223618.thumb.jpg.5997926b59abda293412a503778bc995.jpg

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