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Paint Brush Tubes

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I'm looking for some paint brush tubes. Like the things that come on your brushes when you buy them. I have scoured the internet to only find what I'm looking for in one place (Jackson's Art) that is apparently not in the US so shipping would be like 10$ of my 20$ order.


Anyone know of anywhere else I can get these? Or if not those something that will work just as well? No links please.



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On 4/23/2022 at 10:59 PM, K2h2m3 said:

I ended up using rigid fishtank tubing. It's not always easy to find either.

This. You can find clear tubing either at a pet store, or sometimes at places like Home Depot. I like that I can cut it to whatever length I want, and get whatever diameter I need for my brushes. And it's cheap!

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