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GreatKhanArtist does Sandgrave - Pic Heavy!

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The horsewomen of the steppes come thundering down the plains. Light and medium grey with two sculpts of girls for four different models. The girls come in two pieces, seperated at the waist. This was my first attempt at drilling and pinning. You could shoot those girls out of a cannon and they wouldn't come apart. I think this was kind of dumb, but it allows the sculptor to easily make torsos with lances in the future. I tried painting the skirts light grey, but it didn't work against the horse flesh. The blue blends in with the blankets, but I think it works okay. 


Some Hirst Arts sphinxes and an MDF bridge for my LotR wargames in the background. 




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Argh! Why does every photo have pet hair in it!?
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Happy Halloween! Have some skellies!


These were completed quite a while ago, and I know @Pezler the Polychromatic was probably wondering if I'd ever paint and post them. Well, here they are. These are the Blood Bowl Khemri vintage team that was part of a made-to-order from GW last winter. Kind of cool sculpts, but very expensive. Here's the rub: They were not fun at all to build. They came in a pile of pieces. The heads, collars, loincloth, scarab shoulders, arms, torso and legs are all seperate. They are also metal. While it is cool that the jewelry is seperate, you will never be able to buy just those pieces to kitbash with unless you are willing to pay astronomical prices on the secondary market. Putting these together felt like performing neurosurgery. They did not want to stay together, either. Highly NOT recommended. The reason they didn't get shields and spears is because I was afraid if I held the brush wrong, they would fall apart. They were quick and fun enough to paint. Two of each sculpt and two different mummy/zombies, but I seem to have misplaced those. 






This guy is an old charioteer from one of GW's tomb king chariots. He was the test model for the metal ones above. Way more fun to assemble. 


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cat hair for scale
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Happy Warhawk-tober! These are warhawks from Crocodile Games. It's actually Croc-tober this year, to celebrate the fulfilment of the Sebeki kickstarter. I wasn't sure mine would clear customs in time, so I painted these instead. I wanted to do a variety of skin tones as part of differentiating my Aegyptus armies, as so much of them is skin. These ones represent the Caucasian contingent, who are obviously magically protected from the harsh sun. 


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The collection of Croc Games sargophagi, painted in my faction colours. I have a collection of blue Asar, that is my neutral add-to-any army colour. A few of these have had tweaks to their faction colours since painting--sons of Horus have a different blue and undead have had teal added to their scheme. Note Anubis entombed forever in infinite displeasure of the cat-hair-for-scale on his coffin.


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Here is my entry for Croctober over on the Croc Games facebook page. He's the spearman musician. The spear ended up being a lot darker than I'd intended, but I think it works and it helps draw the eye to the man himself. I love Chris Fitzpatrick's sculpts, they are so characterful and have lots of fun details. I've been wanting to paint an army with orange in it for quite a while, and I'm glad I chose these guys. It works so well with their skin and against the yellow greens of the croc hide. I'm not sure if it will work for the Sebeki themselves, but so far so good!


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The seasonal assortment of minis. I was waiting for the rest of the Lucid Eye girls to show up, and I was tired of batch painting, so I picked a few pieces to clear off the desk.


The cat is an elven cat from Mantic games. It is a cheap figure, and honestly I bought it to cross the free shipping threshold. I think it's a pretty ugly mini. The belly is flat on one side and so round on the other that anyone who knows anything about vet health would swear kitty would die of bloat long before battle. The face is similarly unsymmetrical, and the jaw line is really square. A lot better than I can sculpt, but I'm not making a living doing it. Just did it the Amazon greys to get it done. I'm sure it will find a use in a warband somewhere. 


Gulial the Nephilim from Lucid Eye is the big guy. He is almost double the height of a standard mini. I loved him from as soon as I saw the mini, and once "Blood Legacy" gave rules to giant-blooded, I finally had a reason to add him to my collection. I want to put him on a larger base, but since he is so narrow, it's going to have to have some scenic element to balance him out. Time to get into the bit box and find some treasures! Gulial is red white and blue, as that is also the traditional colours of the Assyrian nation. Plus, it's a great scheme when you don't know what colours to paint something. His skin and armour are based on the Amazon scheme, but I added more orange to the skin, and the armour has more red. I think it works. 


Finally we have Reaper's Pathfinder line Osirion living monolith. He actually leans quite far forward on the base, so I leaned him back for the photo. Just a quick paint job, testing out a possible scheme for my Croc Games To-Tanum. Not something I want to do an army with. 


The background this time is the TTCombat desert marketplace.  It's huge, almost a 12x12" footprint.  It's so big, the minis look silly on it. I have no idea how to paint it. I guess it will end up being an eggshell colour with my usual blue accents. I'm really excited to add plant matter in the windows and other finishing touches, but it will be a beast. For the record, you really should paint your MDF before assembling it, something I didn't know before I glued it together. ☹️ I will use it; several Stargrave scenarios need a village, and there are a few that call for a 12x12" building. 







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Good job salvaging the cat. I've never seen the mini up close, but I've definitely experienced the kind of poorly-sculpted mini disappointment you described. I like the definition that you created with the shading.


Gulial came out great. All that white really pops! Nice skin tone, as well.


I like what you did on the Osirion mini, too. The skin tone looks great (again) and his loincloth had a lot of depth. That is one BIG scimitar!

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We who are about to die (again) salute you! Behold the retinue of Seti-Kaa!


You guys seem to really like it when I make terrain, so here you go: A pair of mastabas. They are 3" wide and just over 6" long. These are modeled on the ones in the Wargods of Aegyptus rulebook, except I used Hirst Arts blocks again. These were created to replace the elevators in Stargrave Quarantine's first solo scenario. The scenario specifies a 3x3" room for each elevator, and you have to unlock them and once you have enough crew, you can depart in the elevator. Obviously, this isn't really on theme for me, so I made mastabas with a 3x3" main chamber. There are stairs leading down (plot stairs, not modelled) and once enough warriors are in, the warband will collapse the door behind them to keep the mummies from following them down. Same rules, different feel. 


For those who are curious, a mastaba was essentially a mini pyramid. After the 3rd dynasty Old Kingdom pharaoh Khufu created the Great Pyramid as a resurrection machine, all the cool kids wanted one. Only a few pharaohs (and queens) in these early dynasties got true pyramids, but nobles and princes/ses emulated these by building mastabas. Often these were close to the pyramid of the pharaohs--as in life, so in death--the proximity effect of greatness. Mastabas usually had flat roofs, the name is from Arabic for bench. 


The plain and numerous mummies are Reaper Wargods models. Simple and easy, but nice sculpts. They are also huge. The mastaba walls are 1.5 inches tall. So if scale creep isn't your thing, beware. The fancy skellies are old Tomb King models from GW. These were much more detailed to do and took me longer than the set of 9 mummies. The mummies are bloater zombies for Stargrave converted. The skellies are elites for my Wargods Eater of the Dead army. 





20230110_194737 (2).jpg

20230110_195153 (2).jpg

20230110_195211 (2).jpg

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It worked! Photos!
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