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GreatKhanArtist does Sandgrave - Pic Heavy!

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Make mine marble! This is the Reaper Bones Cthulhu obelisk. It was done to practice marble effects. The instructions for this piece come from Mengel Miniatures. The nice thing about painting marble is that if you have a tremour, it actually makes it easier. The idea is to paint lightning bolts of the lighter colours, which can be challenging to paint naturally. As any German Shepherd enthusiast will tell you, black and tan look great together, and this looks killer in the Temple of the Written Word. The miniature itself is a great sculpt and you could paint it all different ways and it would look nice. 


Only one photo this time. It looks the same from all the sides anyway. I have some treasure and a trio of obelisks to paint for Sandgrave Ulterior Motives objectives/red herrings, so expect more marble in the future. 

20230524_094338 (2).jpg

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I think every Games Workshop fan has (at least) one army that hits all the right asthetic notes for her. For me, it's Tzeentch Chaos. These were part of a massive Christmas bundle I bought years ago. Such a good deal back then. This was around the same time "The Red King" released for Frostgrave, which centered on demons, demons and more demons. It just happens that there is enough variety in weapons for tzaangor to fulfil the role of hrut and the other figures in the Tzeentch line will work quite well for the rest of the book. 


Ugh, shields. I have a love/hate relationship with them. It's so hard to blend them so they look decent, especially when they are as dominant on the miniature as these are. I also should have test fitted shield arms with the torsos better, as they aren't all in the best position. Poop. 

20230814_171931 (2).jpg


Say what you will about GW's minis, they are extremely detailed. It took me forever to finish these guys. When you see how many pieces there are to paint on these models, you feel like you are getting your money worth. I did a whole box and 2 sets of archers, minus the discs and I'm happy to be done with demon smurfs for a while!


20230814_172226 (2).jpg

20230814_172310 (2).jpg


There are a few of these I did with wings. I got some 40K dark elves or whatever and literally ripped the wings right off of them. They sort of fit, I had to do some trimming to fit the curvature of the tzaangors' bodies. 


20230814_172155 (2).jpg

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Tethru showdown in the field of obelisks!


These are a handful of Tethru from Crocodile Games I've had forever and finally got around to painting. I really want to buy the army set for these guys--so rewarding to paint. I was worried they would look too much like the undead, so I left that general on the desk as a reference of what NOT to do while painting. I left him here as a comparison. Boy, do I like purple! Unlike her nemesis, this tethru has a lot of lilac in her robes as a highlight. Her scale mail is a play off the orange in her beak, and I wanted something different from the standard scheme on the undead. It is Citadel Balthazar Gold-->flesh shade-->Gehenna Gold-->Hatshut Copper. The blue cloth is Caledor Sky-->Tyran Blue wash-->Teclis Blue--> Lothern Blue. Finally, the green accents are: Lupercal Green-->Kabalite Green-->Sybarite Green-->Gauss Blaster Green. 


Okay, I lied about the monuments. I didn't marble them. I just thought it would be too busy. They came as a set from a 3D print seller. They are for the cards, where "Obelisk" is one of the red herrings/objectives. That's why there are 2 in my standard rival colours. The purple one came with the set. The tethru seem pretty keen on it. 


The pillar of wailing skulls is another 3D print. It's not a nice one, too many lines and not enough definition in the heads. Good thing it only cost a few loonies. It got a super quick wash and drybrush with some yellow ink on top. 


Finally, Torruk the Hellbound barbarian. I think that's his name. He's a Reaper mini, and a fun one at that. I'll admit, I didn't know what to do with his horns. I finally painted them grey and gave them a wash with the new Citadel Targor Rageshade, which is a sort of brown-purple. His flesh was an experiment, I like it, but not at all the outcome I was hoping for! That scheme is from the Warhammer Community Seraphon paint schemes post. He has been languishing on the desk for quite a while, so it's nice to see him done. He will be fulfilling the role of a end quest villain in Rangers of Shadow Deep, and will probably make a few cameos elsewhere.   

20230814_171548 (2).jpg

20230814_171456 (2).jpg

20230814_171400 (2).jpg

20230814_171525 (2).jpg

20230814_171617 (2).jpg

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