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How does 09331 Yellow Ochre compare to Palomino Gold? And other questions

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Once upon a time Palomino Gold was recommended as a substitute for yellow ochre (the same way Russet Brown fills the burnt umber role, among others). But I stumbled upon this page recently:


https://www.reapermini.com/search/yellow ochre


Is 09331 closer to typical artist paints' yellow ochre than Palomino Gold now?


While we're at it, I've been wondering about replacements for rubber and rust colors since the unfortunate dissolution of Secret Weapon. I've never used them myself but heard they were quite nice. What current MSPs would match closest to Secret Weapon's old rubber triad and rust colors? I came upon "Oxidized Brown" and "Oxidized Red" at Miniature Market a few weeks ago.



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hello, Imo 09331 Oxide Yellow is more saturated than 09074 palomino gold thus a little darker and richer in tone. I have always used palomino for my gold nmm but recently been grabbing the oxide instead thou I can't say because it's an easier reach lol. When the oxide's first came out I heard they were supposed to be semi-transparent but for me using them I don't see it. hope this helps. 

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Thank you! I've thought Palomino Gold seems a bit paler than I expected initially so it sounds like Oxide Yellow should fill the niche I was expecting earlier anyway.


I just got a bottle and saw it's labeled oxide yellow. It's confusing that it's named Yellow Ochre on the website and merchants. I've run into trouble before too where the official name of a paint changed but some merchants hadn't updated/been informed.

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