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Reaper Miniatures: Mystic Circle (77556)


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Somewhere along the line, I stopped picking up the brush.  It's been about two months and it's taken me a couple weeks of going, "I should really..." to finally actually do something.  It just kind of hit me one day that I needed to paint this.  So I went out to the garage and dug through my Bones 3 and Bones 4 stash until I found one (I originally had plans for two).  I washed it up a few days ago and it sat on the kitchen peninsula waiting for me to get back around to it.


I finally gave in last night instead of watching reruns.  I didn't do a whole lot: just filled a well in my pallet with water and mixed in some Grey Liner and Wash Medium, and got cracking with a brush!  In a freak occurrence that should send me scrambling for a stack of lottery tickets, I made almost the exact perfect amount of slop to cover the entire set!  There was just a smidge left over.


After that I started pondering color options.  I knew I was going to be using my craft paints for this, so I'm pretty limited at the moment with only a couple handfuls of options (most of which are some shade of brown or grey).  A few minutes later I decided that my love for Reaper's Redstone Triad by my guide.  There are plenty of grey stones out there, and I like to do things a little differently from time to time.  Even though my colors aren't quite good matches for the Redstone, I can get the same feel: Chocolate Cherry, Burnt Sienna, and Terra Cotta (I think).  So the Chocolate Cherry base coat went down on the stones.






I finished the night about two hours in, with all the standing stones (and most of the detritus) coated and the rest given something for a primer coat.  I'm calling it a win.




With nothing but "The Curse of Oak Island" on tonight, I managed to make it "two in a row!"


Nothing much to say.  I just grabbed my drybrushes and got to it.  Burnt Sienna serves as the midtone and Terra Cotta is the highlight.  I'm a little heavy on the highlight, and a little light on the midtone.  After that it was Medium Foliage Green for the base.  I really need to get the "Dark" and "Light" shades for that.










Another couple hours and I'm over halfway to the finish line.


I think I'll mix some blue into the Foliage Green to darken it up and use that as a wash on the base, and try some yellow or one of the lighter browns to do a drybrush.


Less than five hours in, and nearly finished.  It's nothing special, but it works.


Thanks for stopping by!


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Thank you, everybody!


I nearly finished tonight, but I need about 45 seconds more before I can call 'em totally done (and then seal them).  At some point during the wash application I picked up a small piece of dried gold paint--so now there's a little fleck of shiny gold in the middle of all that green!  By the time I noticed the fleck it had gotten nice and stuck so I couldn't scrape it off without risking the pain and I didn't feel like dragging everything out again.


The yellow mixed into the green worked OK, as did the blue for the wash (I actually mixed in a bit of black, too).  I probably should have left the black out.  

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 Chocolate Cherry used to be one of my go-to colors for a lot of things back when I was using craft paints for all my painting... It's a great color. (I wonder if I still have my bottle tucked away in my craft paint drawer...)




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Thank you!


My Circle was actually pretty flat--not great, but it doesn't wobble in the breeze.


I'd recommend the hot water trick, at least to try and start things off.  You'll probably have to give it a bit more time due to the size and thickness of the pieces, but it should work.

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