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First painting in.... 6 months?

I just got my Marvel United X-MEN delivery (more here)

I will be painting up Alpha Flight first.



Primed ( I'll fix the bases later)



Lots of really hard to reach angles.

Still cheesed they only included one twin (no Aurora).

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Another toddler spilled before stuff got sealed means I have to repaint some. Not too bad, but I'm not going to bother fixing North Star's base - there's no way to get those colors again, and I don't want to do it from scratch. So fixes includes his hair, Guardian's costume has a red spot, I think i can get. Will post updates after that's done. Might paint X-MEN then leave it.

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Didn't fix the bases, but Northstar and Guardian have been otherwise patched... to be sealed tomorrow. Everyone else from Alpha Flight has been protected.

Northstar 's base is fully gooped, and much of the mini was too, but luckily his costume was easy.




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