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Touch ups

The belt, skin, and a belly shot because I've had a bunch of bad pics lately. I also noticed while posting I forgot to do the black hotpants, briefs, bathing suit... whatever.


Mostly just skin


A little blue on the suit, though just now I realized I missed a spot20220818_205346.thumb.jpg.db119dd0dd348866d706f17029cd0c93.jpg20220818_205401.thumb.jpg.b62dd85ed88c8543ae735823a5601030.jpg

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So the purple was HD rich indigo and the red was burgundy wine/HD garnet red


So many impossible angles on this mini. Cannot conceive of how to boil and chop for access. Which is a shame- this deserves a great paintjob but also not needing assembly for boardgames play.

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Brushes are starting to split so doing yellow detail stuff had been a PAIN. Doing a soap and letting my workhorses rest a bit to see if that helps. Otherwise I'll have to see what brushes are okay.

Sabretooth: some heavy ochre on the suit. Need to find my reference again. Too much yellow on these minis and I lost my yellow primer somewhere.


Storm HD gilded yellow.

Hair is vampiric skin 2:amethyst purple 1/ vampiric skin


Cyclops: HD gilded yellow. So many fiddly bits that take forever


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