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Most of the visible stuff was base work. Highlights & shadows.  Also got flesh & base wash



Oh that was a tree?20220831_191305.thumb.jpg.442743bf8079a65f11ec3bad55f0d9fe.jpg

To do, face, skin, hair highlights



Eldritch energy base is enough, but I might do more. Need face, skin, maybe more base




Need face, maybe base, clothes, & skin highlights depending on if I want to get incrementally mmorethis pic suggests thr cloud needs it most but not seeing that in hand.


Cyclops 20220831_191418.thumb.jpg.89f4051c72c875128bff58c34149e668.jpg

Need skin highlights, debating glaze of red on visor for beam osl.




Some minimal skin highlights.

I like this mini,  but don't really want to do more.

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Have done eyes and lips. Some lines weren't clean and made painting harder, especially with some access issues. I don't think I can see enough to do non-Chibi eyes anymore,  even with a visor. Especially with a shaky hand. These are mostly done.


Sabretooth - messy eyes


Hair and faux fur collar updates to go.


Jean Grey messy eyes,


May add Phoenix energy iris will add eyebrows.


Storm - was going to glaze them white but decided to leave them normal


May do a punky eyeshadow. Probably not


Cyclops has lips


Magneto pretty happy with this face given the access constraints


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