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Bluish purple in the Bones Paints


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hello, first off 09422 nightsky indigo is a purple and since it's an indigo it's on the blue side, as for the other question can't really say because I don't lo9ok at them or remember them as HD, bones, or MSP but would recommend giving 09022 nightshade purple a try but believe it's a MSP.

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I don't have many purples. I compared the following:

MSP Bones:


09422 Nightsky Indigo
09473 Gem Purple

09477 Witchcraft Purple


Against 09099 Clear Purple and Vallejo Game Color Extra Opaque Heavy Violet as close to neutral-ish examples.


Nightsky Indigo is by far the most bluish, somewhat desaturated medium-brightness purple with decent opacity. There might be bluer Bones paints out there but I don't have them. The only core Reaper purples/violets I own are in the red/warm range so I didn't list them here.

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