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Weird West: Nolzur Gorgon as "P'izen Bison," plus CP Plains Natives


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Thanks, all, for the encouragement! I think it's the smoke that really helps sell it. A fun one to do.

Appreciate the compliments on the story, too! The unity of concept and theme was just too perfect to pass up on. I should think of some more Monsters of the more esoteric different patrons--HE WHO Walks Behind the Rows, Our Lady of Sepulchres (part Santa Muerte, lots of undead/gambling/tarot/roulette imagery), the Saint of Killers (think Hexblade, but with guns).

Old Man Buzzard (keeps the dead down, as Raven Queen), Old Scratch (Fiend), Coyote (Archfey), Father Yig (Great Old One), and Thunderbird (as Fathomless, but reskinned for sky and wide open spaces rather than water, lots of Freedom subtext) are easier to work with. YES they loosely match the alignment matrix (very loosely). 


On 5/1/2022 at 1:42 PM, Hikikomori said:

entertaining and educational

I like your style

Thank you! I'm not usually this long-winded, but I do have lots of opinions about monsters! If you want more, I did a loose series a few years back; they should come up if you search for the "classic monsters" tag.

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Thank you!

Full disclosure, the cotton fluff is skewered on bits of wire painted white. The yellow-green smoke with the black soot was sort of a combination of drybrushing and finger painting--it was easier than you might expect! Warpstone Glow and cheap craft store acrylic black in this case.


Try it yourself! 

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