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All Of Them VVitches: Nolzur Tomb Tapper as The Hunger In The Gulf (or, Midlam Squidlam Bedlam!)


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The worshippers at Saint Toad's Mere (Midlam's Kraken Cultists) have come up before. They meet at dawn on the beach to worship and call on their patron.

Here they are, same as every day. 



But--this is NOT a day like every day. Today, their prayers are being Answered.






Behold, the pale emissary of THE HUNGER IN THE GULF!


"And the Beast stood on the shores of the sea."




Click for full, awful turnaround. This avatar is hard to look at, from its rubbery, unwholesomely livid hide to the cracked fissures to the infinitely nested ventral mouths. You BETTER bet those can do some extradimensional shenanigans. I tried for a marble effect on the hammer but think I overshaded it.










Onward, Squishian Soldiers! To new ways to shout and revel and kill!



The Tomb-Tapper is apparently a faceless underground magic-hunter in D&D. But as soon as I saw the baggy, flaccid tentacles I knew this thing had to be related to the squid cult. The horrible mouths and cracked flesh just underscored it. 
I think the HUNGER IN THE GULF is a competing and opposed power to the PIPER IN THE WOODS. Neither of them are exactly "good," or even neutral. But they do give boons to those desperate enough to become their worshippers. It's always good for your setting to have multiple awful cults you can pit against each other. 

Either way, the HUNGER IN THE GULF is not from here originally, nor is this avatar more than a fragment of Its size and power. 

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This is really creepy - so well done! I like the sickly flesh color, the glossy bits, the bright blue sharkeyness of the 'mouth' - and perfect cultists!

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Thanks, everyone! This was a fun horrible awful thing to paint--and pretty painter-friendly, too, which is not always the case with Nolzur's.

On 4/30/2022 at 9:11 PM, KruleBear said:

Gross…..nicely done. Love your slow reveals and commentary. 

Thank you! I really have gotten a lot of mileage out of the shore-print craft store paper and the Water Elemental wave mini.

On 5/1/2022 at 2:42 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Another great setting!
Love the skin on this creepy thing!

I appreciate it! I was going for some combination of pale and livid, just all kinds of unwholesome-looking. Reaper Vampiric Skin and Graveyard Bone (09272 and 09275) did a lot of the work, with assistance from GW Plaguebearer Flesh contrast. 

On 5/2/2022 at 3:25 PM, Poilu_1914 said:

Great stuff! The choice of blue for the ventral mouth really makes it stand out as extra creepy.

Thank you! I knew it needed to be high-contrast and 'unnatural,' unlike what we usually associate with flesh. Felicitously, squid have blue blood anyway (copper is the oxygen-carrying metal in their blood, hemocyanin rather than the red iron we vertebrates use in hemoglobin). I'd have done blue even if the science didn't match the aesthetics though!

On 5/1/2022 at 2:48 PM, Iridil said:

This is really creepy - so well done! I like the sickly flesh color, the glossy bits, the bright blue sharkeyness of the 'mouth' - and perfect cultists!

Much obliged! Those Midlam Kraken cultists are genius sculpts. So eerie!

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I agree...very impressive and gross. I think the marbling effect on the hammer came out quite nice. Great job with all of the little stomach teeth as well and the smooth transitions on the flesh.


Great job on the cultists, too. Love me some Midlam Miniatures.

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      The Frost Salamander from Nolzur's has a wonderful chunky head and heavy-jawed face, and that won me over. It also has six legs, so not your average Earthly amphibian. Good thing there's always room for planetary monsters! And it's a great canvas for patterns; salamanders are often brightly spotted or striped. Let's make him a denizen of the steaming swamps of Retro-Venus!



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      A pounce, and a clean kill! The ravener will first drain the corpse of precious liquids before consuming it, bones and all.

      This meal will last it for Earth-months to come.

      The Ravener is not a tool-user, but it is cunning, and has been known to mimic the calls of other species, and even Martian words, to lure prey closer.

      Humans were surprised to find that such a predator in a resource-scarce world would need--and could afford--horns!
      The Martians could have told them, but the Weinbaum expedition found out on their own.

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      Ingenious countershading means it appears like the dark, starry sky from below, and a cratered field from above. 

      Martian children, sporelings, and buds are taught from early age to watch for sourceless shadows. 

      Humans and their Space Ape pals are learning the same lesson!

      The Ravener is a Hound of Tindalos, 50289 with the head removed and swapped out for a GW demon skull and Ork mandible from their Skullz box, glued onto a neck made out of sprue. That body is lean and athirst all right, perfect for Mars! 
    • By Rigel
      The ritual has done its work. From a distance, an eerie light shines through the trees.
      The ground quakes under the tread of colossal hooves.
      There is a rushing wind, the sound of snapping branches.
      An indescribable tune, notes in a strange scale and meter, music from beyond the stars, builds to a skirling crescendo.

      HE is come. The PIPER IN THE WOODS is here. 

      Burning with potassium flame, attended by HIS servants. 



      Behold! The Horned Lord approaches! 

      Deception and concealment among HIS sacraments! The Masked Messenger, the False-Faced! 


      IA! IA! 



      The power of a God, called to earth! HIS votaries rejoice, even as they cower!





      (This is a Nolzur's Nightwalker, given a little bit mote pizazz than the all-black example. I knew immediately that with the bone-mask face and the horns, it was the perfect avatar for the cultists. GW contrasts and good setting sunlight on the translucent flames; a GW demon skull from their Skullz set manifested in the upraised hand.) 
      Featuring Dulkathar, Gromtar, Dark Creeper, a couple of Crooked Dice cultists, and Dark Young from RAFM and Reaper. (Reaper's 77516 is the big one in green).
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